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PBR and camouflage. Enough said.

From mustaches and jean jackets to trucker hats and Christmas sweaters, some ironic hipster is out there owning it. In this way, classically uncool things are born again into a never-before achieved level of cultural esteem.  The quirky renaissance has been raging on for years. Whether hipsters (myself reluctantly included) like to admit that their love for certain things stems almost solely from the uncool factor, it happens and it’s nothing new.

The other day, though, I had a conversation with a friend about a new phenomenon that she’s noticed in her hip life: liking something ironically so much that she looped back around to genuinely, honestly, unabashedly liking it. [Her example was Lady Gaga’s song “Judas“.]

I realized that if I think about it, I’ve done this too. I’ve done this a lot. So here is a compilation of my top five accidentally legitimate loves, which definitely should be ironic, but aren’t.

1. Toto’s “Africa”

This song is the best. And I don’t mean “Oh, man, this song is so bad that it’s the best!” I mean, this song is ACTUALLY the best. I listen to this song alone all the time. I know every word. It is one of my favorites and so I sort of pretend that I like it ironically because my genuine love for it is kind of embarrassing.

2. Old lady shoes

They aren’t stylish. They are so unstylish, in fact, that they are beyond that point of being ugly enough that they somehow become cute again. But I honestly, authentically, apologetically love them because they are comfortable and Velcro is easy to take on and off. I have several pairs of old-lady-approved old lady shoes, I plan my outfits around them, and I’m sorry.

Note the unmistakably thick sole.

3. Taylor Swift

Look at me. Look me right in the eye. I like Taylor Swift. There is no laughter in my voice right now. There is no subtle eye roll. This is who I am. I think she is so cute. Her music is stuck in my head all the time. “Mean” makes me feel better when I have had a bad day. At first, I let myself listen to her under the personal guise that I was doing it because ‘man, it is so hilarious,’ but who am I kidding. Although I wish there was, now there’s nothing ironic about it.

I <3 you too, girl.

4. Stephen King

I’ve read almost all of his books. I’ve seen pretty much every movie. And as someone who was the creative-father of “Children of the Corn,” most people agree that he isn’t exactly William Faulkner. But I am a true diehard fan. He is my secret summer read, every single summer. There is just something about how ridiculous yet quasi-terrifying his plots are. I make my friends watch the movies, saying stuff like, “Oh my gosh you just HAVE to see it though! It’s such classic Sy-Fy Channel gold,” but if I’m going to be real, I just love those films. For exactly what they are.

Just some of the top notch special effects you can expect from a classic King.

5. Wedding shows on TLC

I like these shows in a way that cannot be pawned off on amusement at the cheesiness of them or guffaw at their superficiality, even if it maybe started that way. I just plain like it now. Sometimes I even cry. I’m not the type of girl that grew up planning her wedding or even that really thinks about it a lot now, but these shows just get me. In a sadly unironic way.

“She looks so beautiful!” and then I cry to my mother.

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  1. Jeff Marks Jeff Marks says:

    Have you seen Maximum Overdrive? It’s the only movie that Stephen King directed (while addicted to cocaine and mouthwash), and it’s one of the best worst movies ever.

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