Bad Vibes

| January 5, 2018 | 0 Comments

It’s like walking on Pins and Needles.

Clumsily staggering in between

the cloud of miasma that exudes

out of

the body.

Don’t touch it.

She says as she lifts her hand

and waves

her fingers through the cloud.

Or else it’ll spread

—seeping under your fingernails,

digging into skin,

to mingle with blood, hair, saliva

to grow—

and wriggle out through the pores

of your own,

but is it really your own,


as well.


featured photo credit: Several seconds Walk via photopin (license)

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Soubhana Asif

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Soubhana Asif is a junior at Boston University majoring in Biology and double minoring in Arabic and Medical Anthropology. "Have I said too much? There's nothing more I can think of to say to you. But all you have to do is look at me to know that every word is true."

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