Bostonian Sunsets

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A few weeks ago as I was walking along the Charles, I found a nice little secluded area on the beach just outside of the BU Bridge on other side of Cambridge. And because it was nice out and there was little for me to do during a sunset, I decided to camp out there and reflect.

I can tell you that life changed for the better after that. Not in a “that was the moment that will forever define me” kind of way but subtly and gracefully (and nevertheless powerfully) in the way a prayer can change your life for the better. I’ll preface this by saying that what I write here does not do the view and experience justice. I just sat there, facing the skyscrapers that were separated from me by an expanse of water that looked so crossable. The low-lying clouds let through a thin film of sun, and the haze of the pristine elements refracted it luminously through the winter air.

The smaller buildings themselves lay back in rows like a mountainous army, cloaked in a deep brooding of concrete. The water immediately below them was just as dark, as though the buildings themselves were bleeding into their bed. This water then gave way, ever so slowly, to a glittering blue as the wind brought the rippling waves towards the edge in front of me me. The azure liquid transitioned, as my vision traveled closer to where I sat, pleasantly into emerald, then seafoam, then a grey that was somehow a little bit pink and blue and green all at once before surrendering to the loose rocks on the shore that insisted on turning it back into grey again.

Far out to my left lay the eastern tip of the city I love so much. The Zakim Bridge was barely visible from the distance as was TD Garden and their rest of the dock. The air between the city and my lonesome perch was transparent, almost like smoke. Whatever trees that were left along the shore provided an elegant backdrop to the flights of the gulls gliding above, below, and in front of me. To the right lay the stage of so many wondrous sunsets prior.


You can’t make this up. Photo Credit – Mike Chan

Anyone who’s spent an evening in Boston knows what I’m talking about. To be certain, there is no better place to witness those striking curtain calls than where I sat that afternoon. Unfortunately, it looked as though the clouds would keep their eyelids mostly closed tonight. Still, the dulled vibrancy of the scene before me was hypnotizing.

As the sun slipped lower behind its cumulus screen, I felt the cold from the wind and the ground and the river begin to make its way to my bones. I gathered my splayed limbs and stood up, shaking the wrinkles out of my clothes. Just as I turned my back to begin a refreshed journey home, the sky exploded. I turned back around to watch a supernova. The clouds which had heretofore formed a slate quilt over the sky had been blasted into tiny fragments, each one catching the force of the sun, absorbing it, and re-glowing its glory from within their watery bodies. The sky was golden fire, and the beauty of all I could see was escalated beyond what my feeble words can describe. The potent rays spread their way across the sky above me, through me, as it illuminated the entire cityscape and gave anyone who was paying attention a view of God. I swear to you that I felt his angels sing. I stood awash in the resplendence, our own sun surging with solar force as though it was its dying act, and it wanted the universe to remember its name.

A few minutes later it was gone and the city, with its roads and buildings and schools and businesses and bikers and people, quivered into the air. That’s when I heard a car honking on the road. It was time to go home.

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