To All My Bros

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Bros till the end, obviously.
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Your bros. The bros that you were born with, literally. You share ninety-nine percent of your DNA with them and they were always by your side growing up. You shared the same room, clothes, shoes, interests, and friends with them. You played tag and hide-and-go-seek with them around the house on those rainy days that seemed to last forever. You played Gamecube and traded Pokemon cards with them because winning that race in Mario Kart or having that holographic card was all that really mattered. And no matter how badly you bruised their arm, ripped their shirt, or threw them off the bed during a wrestling match they always remained your best friend.

Your other bros. The bros that you met in elementary and high school. You shared your lunch with them, always preferring pizza or a cheese quesadilla rather than peanut butter and jelly for the fourth time that week. You made farting noises in class with them, joked around in the hallways, made fun of other people and even one another, and never dared to pee in the urinal directly next to them no matter how crowded the bathroom was. You’d wait your turn. After class you’d go longboarding around the city, hangout at each others houses, play basketball in the park, and just straight chill until mom called telling you to come home for dinner. You even went on trips to different states with your other bros – staying up all night laughing and joking around while staring up at the ceiling or the underside of the top bunk.

Your other, other bros. The bros that you met at college. The bros that you worked hard with and played hard with. Whether it be staying up all night studying for that exam or staying out all night until the sun came up, you and your other, other bros got stuff done. You mastered the elements of chemistry and biology with them, and you also learned how to shotgun a beer and be an expert wingman in the social scene. You had to get that A and you had to get those digits. You struggled with them through your classes, explained to each other concepts about Math or Chemistry that really didn’t make sense to anyone, smoked cigars with them on the beach, talked about each other’s love lives, pimped out each other’s apartments, and spent hours upon hours joking around and laughing. That’s all you did sometimes – just laughed.

There’s a common theme here, a thread that links everything together. Things accomplished, places visited, events that happened, fun and stressful times had – they all occurred with your bros. But beyond this, everything that happens in your life is affected and influenced by other people, by other bros, by other, other bros. It goes to show that the people you hangout with, the people that you surround yourself with, really do have an impact on your life. Mind “broing,” isn’t it?

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