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It’s 9:06,

They flip me over,

Upside down and dangling,

Struggling as they pin my shoulders,

Shoving this Robitussin,

Into my mouth.


God, it tastes terrible.


It’s 1:14,

My aunt beckons me over,

I purse my lips and then open wide,

As she thrusts the spoon overflowing with Robitussin,

(I’m surprised it doesn’t spill, the damn thing defies gravity)

Into my mouth and oh God, it still states terrible.


And then she makes me lick the spoon. What a sadist.


It’s 6:22

And I swear in response,

Grabbing the cursed bottle,

And trudging into my tiny kitchen,

Where I hold the spoon over the sink,

And take in that dreaded Robitussin.


It doesn’t taste as bad when you’re by yourself.


It’s 10:30,

Time for bed,

And with no hesitation,

Gulp down that non-drowsy Robitussin.

As a child it tasted terrible,

But getting older means you have experiences much worse


than a liquid Cough+Congestion medicine.


featured photo credit: JeepersMedia Robitussin Cough Cold Flu Congestion decongestant Relief Medicine via photopin (license)

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