A ‘Thank You’ for the Class of 2014

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Dear Class of 2014,

A handful of the wonderful Culture Shock Class of 2014 (and one from 2013)

You don’t really have to go, do you? I know you have a lot of attributes to boast. You’re inspirational teachers, passionate hockey fans, amazing world travelers, archaeologists, chemists, breathtaking writers, and some of the brightest smiles and biggest dreams I’ve ever encountered. You were my first friends at BU. You were my mentors. You still are. I am stepping into a lot of your shoes and I hope that I will fill them well and that you will be proud. Selfishly, I want to keep you here with me. But I know I must hug you goodbye and wish you good luck at graduation and I will, but not without first thanking you.

Thank you for showing me Miracle on my first weekend at BU and for teaching me to be a BU Hockey fan. Thank you for teaching me that we stand when the players are on the ice and how to clap on rhythm (I’m sorry I never really learned that one). Thank you for showing me the fun of a hockey road trip and for trying to teach me that it’s acceptable to put my commitments on pause and leave my emails unanswered for a few days (I’m still working on that one too). Thank you for understanding my fear of Rhett and for wiping my tears when he came too close and for never pushing me to be someone I’m not.

Thank you for wiping my tears on your couch at 3 in the morning. I came into BU at a top speed with a list and a mental image of all the things I was going to do, all of the things I was going to be. You taught me that things don’t always go as planned, and that’s okay. You were there to support me through my triumphs and you were there to stand with me on a street corner under an umbrella in the rain when things didn’t work out the way I imagined they would. You were there to tell me to never stop trying. Thank you for joining me on the ground and thank you for being there to pick me up again.

Thank you for understanding that the things I care the most about are the things that drive me the craziest and thank you for being there to share in both the ranting and the raving and for saying “I’ve been there”. Thank you for being passionate (that’s my favorite thing about you). I love that you love teaching or archaeology or the streets of Boston or international relations or reproductive health or Student Government. I love that when I look at you, you reaffirm to me the power of passion and the wonder of the world.

Thank you for showing me Super 88 and for talking with me over dining hall dinners (I bribed you with my guest swipes). Thank you for sharing the last fry at Cane’s with me (it really is true love). Thank you for teaching me about friendship—about accepting it and about giving it—and thank you for chiseling your way through my walls. Thank you for your sass and for telling me things I didn’t want to hear and thank you for making me dance.

Thank you for being you and for succeeding and for showing me to do the same. Thanks for the heart to heart moments and the eye rolls and the hugs. Thanks for all that you’ve done for me and for this school. If you must leave me, go out into the world and do something that I can smile at and proudly say, “That’s my friend”. The world is gaining some great teachers and writers and graduate school students but more so, the world is gaining some great people.

All of my love and good luck, Class of 2014.

Your menteeyour freshman, your protege, your friend.

A glimpse at what the Class of 2014 means to me.

A glimpse at what the Class of 2014 means to me


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