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Registration. May the odds be ever in your favor.

Registration time is nigh and I’m sure all of you are playing class-Tetris with discussion sections and labs and PDP’s to make your vibrant Spring 2013 schedule on StudentLink. And hark! Could it be? You have space for an elective?! (Sorry to those of you who don’t. Good luck.) Check out some classes you may have never known that BU offers.

These were found by browsing StudentLink, so I’m sure I missed some – feel free to add them to the comments. Also, things that seem interesting to me may seem incredibly boring to you … Don’t be so hard to please!

I know you probably already took a language. But look at all the choices! Why not learn a little of another language? Even taking one semester of one of these would be so cool to keep in your arsenal of skills (what, that isn’t a thing?). All elementary language classes start with the course code CAS L_ 111, where the letter after ‘L’ refers to the language. Check your neighborhood StudentLink today to see what is offered in Spring 2013!

Cinema Physica: CAS PY 103
I discovered this class after I already had taken my divisional requirement for a natural science with lab, but it looks awesome – someone else take it for me! According to the class description, you will analyze the physics in films such as: Speed; Armageddon; Independence Day; X-Men; The Sixth Sense; Contact.

Death and Immortality: CAS RN 106
This religion department class seems truly interesting; you’re not human if you aren’t fascinated by death. Course description: “Examines death as religious traditions have attempted to accept, defeat, deny, or transcend it. Do we have souls? Do they reincarnate? Other topics include cremation, ancestor worship, apocalypse, alchemy, AIDS, near-death experiences, other-world cosmologies.”

Photography for Non-Majors: COM JO 305
Why not learn an artsy skill if you have the time for a class in it? This COM class requires professor permission to enroll. “Students learn the fundamentals of 35mm digital photography from the basics of image capture to processing and printing finished photographs, and an introduction to the use of photos in digital media.”

Group Piano: CFA MU 151
Speaking of artsy skills… take a group music class in CFA! There are sections open to the BU community, and it would be nice to escape twice a week and pretend you’re a snazzy jazz cat just taking out your midterm stress on the ivories (well, keyboards, probably).

Don’t do this, though.

FitRec PDPs
For less than two credits, you can take classes in ice skating, martial arts, general fitness, sports… Check out the PDP schedule here.

These are just a few of the classes you can take in the spring to explore new areas of interest, learn a new skill, or discover new perspectives. Have you taken a class that you’d love to recommend? Leave it in the comments.

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