Coffee, I love you

| May 18, 2017 | 0 Comments

Committed to the idea of you
Oh who am I kidding?
Frankly, I am craving you
Forever in my hands, is where I need you to be
Every day, right beside me
Elated by you, coffee.

I think of cold brew jitters with a smile.

Lattes fit perfectly in my two small hands but
Over everything else I honestly crave
Veranda Blend, light roasts, blonde
Exactly the drink I need, be it AM or PM.

Yearningly I wake up to think
Of the excitement 9AM will bring
Until then, I will wait for you, coffee my old friend.

featured photo credit: ultrakml Long black coffee time at Pardon in Prahran via photopin (license)

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Hansika Ramchandani

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Hansika Ramchandani is a Junior double majoring in History and International Relations. She loves it when you laugh at all of her [not] funny jokes and accept the fact that she needs yet another cup of coffee.

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