Construction Season

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Fall. The humidity from the summer has finally broken, giving the night air a slight chill. It’s perfect for putting on a cozy sweater and taking an evening stroll around the city, watching as the lights come on across the skyline…Or not. Because somehow the road construction from the summer has not gone the way of the 80 degree nights or 90 percent humidity. The lights of the skyline are out-shined by the constant blue and red flashes of police lights, and what peace there was is shattered by the constant BEEP, BEEP, BEEP of a backhoe reversing for what seems like 10 minutes straight.  The sidewalks you try to walk have been torn up by jackhammers. Your path is rerouted through a maze of orange cones that, judging by how many of them almost hit you, no bicyclist in the city understands.

You can try to stay inside, but be warned, if you live near any major street, you will not escape. The flashing lights will filter in through your curtains as the windows try and fail to muffle the sound of that backhoe that is still somehow backing up. And if you try to drive somewhere, well, good luck. Expect detours, and say a prayer for your car as it traverses what seems to be a road comprised exclusively of rumble strip.

How, Boston? How do you always find so many things to tear up, summer after summer, fall after fall? How has it never ended? And how is does every road still feel like it’s gone without maintenance for at least 50 years? With all these potholes still covering your streets, what have you been paving this whole time?

Loud, irritating, and inconvenient as it may be, I suppose in the end I should be thankful that my city is trying to improve. Shutting down half of Comm Ave is better than letting it crumble, even if that means I almost get hit head-on by a bicyclist while walking down the makeshift traffic-cone sidewalk. So, Boston, thank you for trying to fix the roads, obnoxious though your efforts may be. Might I suggest you take a stab at the T next?

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