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It follows her around

A dark cloud

A powerful storm



The locks protruding

The frizz dancing

Attracting spectators

But every match has opposition

Admiration is a programmed response


For fear of saying the wrong thing

For fear of saying the right thing

Disgust is a programmed response


For fear of the unknown

For fear of the untamed

Why must it be untamed?

She has always been a rebellious soul


The angels sang

When the crown was placed on her temples

A symbol

Of power

Of resilience

A symbol

The people on earth didn’t hear this proclamation

She graces the earth with the jewels on her scalp

And people mock

For they have never seen something so grand

People do throw stones at glass houses

The rocks leave shattered glass in her self-esteem

She moves


Into the flat right above yours

With the same layout

Same outlets

Same lease

The same

There’s comfort in conformity my friend

But not for long


The fire makes the diamonds to shine brighter darling

The dull gems once again have found their glow

They can no longer be denied

Through TWAs

And awkward stages

She picks up the crown again from the closet

The dents mending themselves before her eyes

She shakes as she puts it on again

But she does

And it still fits

It was made for her, wasn’t it?

She now walks tall

With the crown reaching to the heavens

Her angels have tears in their eyes

“Be proud young one

Your crown is priceless”


photo credit: leonfhl Always facing the sun, bro via photopin (license)

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