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Dearest friend

Your name brings light to my eyes

Shining like cymbals

Your provocative thoughts



Intellectually stimulating

Eye rolling

Your company is irreplaceable

I thank the universe everyday for your conception



Because despite all odds

You stood tall like the protagonist in your unwritten compositions


Dearest friend

Endless nights of tears

Of unanswerable questions

Of emotion filled laughter

Couldn’t prepare us for the realities that lay ahead

Oh how naïve we were

Thinking it all would be so simple

A puzzle with few pieces

The clefs aligned into a perfect melody

But life always has other plans

Twists of turmoil

Turns of self-discovery

Innocence lost

Maturity ensued

Skipping grades didn’t help a bit, did they?


Dearest friend

Being apart from you

Has brought us closer together than ever before

The sweet moments of bliss

In your presence

Within your endless childlike banter

In the midst of your advanced wisdom

Make me believe in the world again

The chances

The odds

Of us crossing paths so slim

But the universe really does play its own tune huh


Dearest friend

You are valid

The pressures of your peers

To conform to the suffocating box

You never did well in cubicles

The words of ignorance

Stemming from fragile masculinity

Being masked as normality

Wandering thoughts keep you up at night

Keep me up at night

The loud resonance in our ears

For this is not what we imagined for us

Acceptance a norm in our world

A foreign traveler in reality

You cannot truly be free when you hold the keys to your own shackles


Dearest friend

You are brave

Questioning your ingrained upbringing

Recanting the taught hatred


For you cannot hide who you really are

Let your light so shine in this present evil world

Stand up for what you know is true

With no coda in view

The bleak landscape before us isn’t inviting

Sometime we wish for the winding roads again

But turning back is not an option

Hiding in shells a thing of yesteryear

Because the energy it takes to hide

Is more exhausting than to stand in our truth

So we stand

And stand

The orchestra plays

The audience leaves

And we stand

Together we stand

photo credit: John St John Photography Together via photopin (license)

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