A Date in Davis Square

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So your Valentine’s Day didn’t go as expected and your boo is still on edge about it. Maybe you’re single and looking for the perfect place to make you look in-the-know and worldly to that cute person in your stats class. Hell, maybe you just want to treat yourself to a nice afternoon! And you’re fresh out of ideas. You’ve already walked arm-in-arm (or hands-in-pockets, contemplatively) by the Duck Pond in the Public Gardens, went to the Top of the Hub (you fancy thing, you!), had Insomnia Cookies delivered, etc. You’ve done everything under the Boston sun.

A snowy, snuggly afternoon at the Rosebud. | photo mine

A snowy, snuggly afternoon at the Rosebud. | photo mine

Lucky for you (and maybe your S.O.), Boston is not only Boston proper. There are lots of amazing things to do and see slightly out of the ultra-urban range. One of these little gems is Davis Square in Somerville. It’s cute, a little quieter than Comm Ave, and bite-sized enough to explore in an afternoon. If you haven’t already been to this lovely, T-accessible corner of the city, you have to go. So hop on the Red Line at Park Street and get going! Here’s how to have a great date in Davis Square in 3 easy steps:

1. Eat at the Rosebud. This tiny, upscale Southern-influence diner on Summer Street is shaped like the world’s most beautiful T trolley, and they serve everything from pancakes and homemade donuts to swordfish and hanger steak. The atmosphere is unique, warm and genial, and the brunch menu is particularly decadent. It’s a little pricey, but the food is so worth it (trust a Georgian on this). Postcards come with your bill and your server will send them (free of charge!) to your person of choice.

The SCP on a blustery evening. | photo mine

The SCP on a blustery evening. | photo mine

2. After you feel all warm and cozy from your excellent brunch, it’s time to hit up the Somerville theatre. This family-owned joint tends to show all the big-ticket films du jour, but if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, other events abound: special 70mm showings of classics, esoteric film festivals, concerts from time to time. Tickets are cheap, and if you have a bit of time before your showing, the basement of the theater hosts the Museum of Bad Art. The MOBA is the self-proclaimed “only museum dedicated to bringing the worst of art to the widest of audiences,” and it delivers on its promises. Make sure to set aside half an hour or so to explore it fully, and bring tissues to wipe away your tears of laughter.

3. If you want to stretch your legs after your show (or just walk off a little bit of that movie popcorn), take a stroll down the Somerville Community Path.  This 0.8-mile park runs right by the  Somerville Theater and is a beautiful urban green space. What’s more, the Path is slated to be a final puzzle piece of the Massachusetts Central Rail Trail, a railway that was ruined in a hurricane and is currently being dug up and repurposed into a 104-mile trail. Take a few moments on your walk to wonder at the sheer effort and persistence of nature-lovers and/or to fantasize about a luxurious, 104-mile, Boston-accessible bike ride.

What are your favorite non-Boston Boston spots? Let me know, and enjoy your afternoon in “the Brooklyn of Massachusetts.”

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