Dear Boston

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Dear Boston,

I have not been fair to you. On more than one occasion I have given unnecessary focus to how small of a city you are yet I haven’t roamed every bit of you enough to judge it for myself; I excused my laziness to explore by blaming it on geography.

You have been home to me for more than two years now. Your skies have seen me laugh and cry, and stride and stumble, they have even seen me do awkward power walks to class. Copley Square has embraced my long strolls with clear skies and beautiful buildings; even on rainy days I have smiled walking down the street.

img_2662Then why have I been so judgmental to you?

Boston, I do not know. I do not know if it is my instant reaction to be critical of things or if it is my defense mechanism to the realization that you might not be home to me for more than four years. However, I have decided to stop.

I cannot romanticize the past and I cannot predict the future. Neither is fair to me nor to you. I have no idea where I might be one and a half years from now, but I still have time to drink that beer at a Red Sox game, have more brunches at Trident Café, and of course carelessly walk your historical streets.

Truth is, Boston, you have so much more to give to me and I have so much more to learn from you. I have yet to get lost on a street I have never been to and realize that it is my favorite one. I am yet to wander by myself and discover you without any peer pressure. I am yet to romanticize you in my head as I have romanticized other cities I have lived in.

I am sorry, Boston. I am sorry that I have torn you down when all you have done is build me up. You have taught me that living alone is not impossible, that slipping on snow is laughable, and that growing up will be okay. I am sorry that I have not made the time to get to know you in the same way that you have got to know me.

So, I will find new places to drink my coffee and new streets to trip on. I will look outside my window and appreciate the Charles River; I will inhale your air as I walk to class. Boston, I will embrace you in the way you embraced a terrified eighteen year old more than two years ago. Boston, I will love you.


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