Dear Millennials,

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If I have to read one more post about how proud the poor, tired Millennials are of the “Gen Z kids,” I’m going to scream.

What happened in Parkland, Florida was a tragedy, and we should be proud of the survivors for speaking up about it and making a push for real change. We’ve seen school shooting after school shooting in this country that have in no way affected our gun legislation, and I for one want to live to see that change. So yeah, be proud of these students.

But stop acting like their condescending grandparents.

The amount of tweets and tumblr posts about how “Millennials are exhausted but Gen Z is going to change the world” that have been cropping up is gag inducing. Because, first of all? Acting like nothing has been done in the name of social activism in the past few years is ridiculous. The Black Lives Matter movement alone is proof of that. This impulse to pretend that young people have been asleep for the past fifty years or something completely ignores the movements of today.

And, really, it’s just gross to try to push the mess that is America’s gun control legislature on a bunch of high school students. Am I saying that the high school students shouldn’t organize and participate in political discourse? Absolutely not, they should go out there and make sure the country hears them. But it feels like some people are trying to hide behind a made-up generational divide so that they can wash their hands of any attempts to get organized. It’s an awfully convenient shield– Millennials have fashioned themselves a generation of retirees at the ripe ages of 22 to 38. They hide behind weird compliments to the Parkland kids, encouraging them to succeed where they failed, but ultimately the hidden message in their words is “don’t ask me for help, because I’m too tired and jaded to help you.”

Generational divides are nebulous, poorly defined, and not the personality test results you think they are. You’re not “tired” because you were born between 1980 and 1996 or whatever. So-called “millennials” have been socially and politically active this whole time, which clearly proves that you can’t use your fancy generational label as an excuse for why you haven’t been. So stop pushing the fate of the world on a bunch of high school students, and get out there and help them. Boycott companies with ties to the NRA. Write letters to your congresspeople. Go vote. And don’t act like you don’t have a stake in this country’s future, because you do, you have, and you always will.

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