An Elevator Pitch Alternative

| April 9, 2014 | 2 Comments

Like so many times before I am sitting in a park, propped against a tree, staring down the barrel of the sun and daring it to move, daring it to not. We’ve been engaged in this race around the world for some time and although I haven’t yet won, something keeps me believing that I one day will.

Who am I to think that I can outrun the sun, you ask? I’m the girl who claims her favorite noun as passion and favorite verb as go, the girl with the mud-caked Toms from being unable to avoid the park and unwilling to stay on the path. I’m the steady breeze tapping at your window and chasing you around the world and sometimes I twist into a tornado—sorry, I’m so, so sorry for my destruction. I’m the girl who cares. I care about what you think and I care about what I achieve. I care about the things that are important (the environment and those people I call friends). Important is subjective but to me it means knowledge and kindness and ambition. I’m the girl who thinks that it is important to do well but more so to do good. (Sometimes I forget this—I need to be reminded.) I’m the girl who wants to save the world.

I’m the girl with a plan. I’ve got a map and a schedule and a list. I’m the girl who loves the full moon more and more every single month and I like climbing mountains and lying on docks to stare at the stars. I stride with purpose or with a spring in my step and I have trouble waiting for others who dawdle. I’m two steps ahead and lost in my mind in some utopian vision of the future. I’m the girl with a coating of ice around my heart but I promise if you thaw it the fire of my loyalty will never, ever go out. I’m a little bit selfish and sometimes my head spins away but I promise that I’ll always, always come back to you.

I’m the girl sitting in a park, propped against a tree, staring down the barrel of the sun and daring it to move, daring it to not. I’m the girl who will never give up on a race I’ve never won because I know a lot of words but impossible



of them.


The park in which I currently stare down my opponent.

My dear reader, tell me, what kind of girl (or guy) are you? I want to know your favorite noun and verb and how you define important and what words are absent from your vocabulary. I want to know you and all of those I meet beyond that stupid silly elevator pitch we all do and hate because we are all so much more than our major and our hometown and there is no better fun fact than a true cross section of your soul.

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Mackenzie Morgan

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Even though she's not sure how it happened, Mackenzie is a senior. She is also a cake connoisseur, self-declared hobby architect, and co-Editor-in-Chief of Culture Shock. She hails from a small snow globe of a town deep in the mountains of Colorado and is ridiculously proud of the fact that she's half Australian. She's working towards molding young minds as she studies History Education and American Studies with a minor in Political Science, but she would also like to be a princess (or maybe a lawyer). Her weaknesses and greatest enemies include mornings, ketchup, and mascots. Mostly Mackenzie likes to tweet about sandwiches (@Kenz_LM), eat soup, look at the moon, and work towards being Hermione Granger.

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  1. Emily says:

    I’m the girl that measures my life in coffee spoons, and too-tall coffee cups, and espressos without sugar when I’m feeling bitter. I like to sit in coffee shops and watch the world wander past and hope that they’re all as lost as me and the minute I stop feeling lost, I have to move. I move. I move into city hallways and suburban homesteads and beach shacks and log cabins that are actually made of logs. I like to leave places, drunk on wanderlust, and I like to come back feeling like nothing has changed except for me, a little more sobered by the world.
    My favorite noun is laughter and my favorite verb is dance and I find that they’re one in the same thing if you do them right. I like to dance merengue and cook spicy foods, dance to 80′s music when I can’t possibly study a second long, and slow dance to Sinatra with my beys friend while we wait for the T. I like to laugh too loud and too often. I laugh at bad jokes and bad luck and bad attitudes and to anyone who tries to bring me down: the joke’s on you.
    I’m the girl with a hundred ideas and no plans and a sense of priority that follows my heart more often than my head. I believe in last minute decisions and bad choices and uncomfortable challenges and I do so with an unwavering belief that everything will turn out just fine, because you haven’t seen the last of me yet.

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