Eminem: Why are you so angry??

| January 31, 2011

Eminem, you either love him or you hate him. But chances are, whether you love or hate him, he probably hates you.  That’s just the way it has been since his angry debut in 1999, when he entered the world of hip-hop. Since then, he has continued to be the eternally pissed off voice of our generation’s collective iPod. So I have a question…why is Eminem so angry? After doing some research (thank you “Early Life” section in Wikipedia), I began to understand more about the star’s troubled life.

To begin with, his father left his impoverished mother when Marshall was only 18 months old. Maybe Eminem would have been an Interior Decorator if he had a steady father figure, but then again, would you really want this guy picking out your drapes? Next, at the age of 12, he and his mom moved to Detroit, which alone is enough to make someone really pissed off for life. From what I’ve heard, it’s really cold all the time and no one has jobs. Plus the city has one of the highest crime rates and you can’t find any decent schools or bagels. On top of it all, Eminem is German, Scottish, and Polish, which traditionally sounds like a pretty aggravated combination.

Eminem ended up repeating the 9th grade twice, a pretty awkward year for anyone, just ask my yearbook, and eventually dropped out of high school. So I’d be upset too, and his lyrics reflect this frustration with life. Recurring themes include arson, murder, rape, drug addiction, and adorable puppies (still paying attention?). Through it all he’s been divorced twice, sued by his own mother, and even adopted two daughters in addition to his biological daughter Hailie. So it’s important to recognize we can’t all be non-drug addicted, mentally stable fathers playing with their kids in the Giggleberry Fair fun zone (Giggleberry was an indie version of Chuck-E-Cheese from my hometown, sorry for the obscure reference).

So you’re mad, we know that. But now we understand a little more behind that famous anger. As long as this rapper doesn’t sign up for therapy, yoga, or find happiness in any human relationship, we can expect more angry number 1 songs for a long time. But Eminem, here’s a quick piece of advice for you: tying your girlfriend to a bed and setting the house on fire is almost never a great strategy for getting your girlfriend to love you again. Plus it would ruin the drapes you picked out.

Even Rihanna is angry (…and apparently a ginger) now. Maybe Em should try working with someone less emotionally charged, like Simon and Garfunkel. Mash-Up artists, please don’t get any ideas.

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Miles is a psych major and Spanish minor in CAS class of 2013. He's from a small town called New Hope but usually says he's from Philadelphia to sound cooler. His favorite quote is "Free Weezy." Miles loves seeing movies, the summer, and taking bananas from the dining hall.

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  1. Rob Moore says:

    This is some great writing man really enjoyed this article. I love Eminem as much as the next guy but after reading this I feel like I know him 1o times better

  2. Chaps says:

    Miles Greene, look at you, getting all these amazing compliments. But I must agree- this is amazing writing. Your humor really comes through is a perfect manner… Did not realize you could write this well, or this funnily. I’ll have to repeat others and say you should definitely continue this and see where it gets you, you could go places.

  3. Ceese says:

    this da ish

  4. M. Heller says:

    havent seen an article this good since nam

  5. Alex Valdovinos says:

    Astute observations concerning Mr. Shady….Miles you are going to advance far if you keep this writing up. Bro, this is a phenomenal piece and the sharp wittiness/subtle humor cannot be understated. Truly a work of brilliance: continue this path and you’ll restore credibility to the faltering online journalistic industry. Graciaaaas!

  6. Matt Allegretto says:

    Some can compare my hometown of Lambertville, NJ to Detroit (its pretty shitty, which makes it a comparison). However, unlike Detroit, Lambertville has harder thugs and drug dealers you can’t fuck with. Great article though, sorry about the rant

  7. Corey Booker says:

    i demand that the authors picture show up immediately

  8. William Del Prior says:

    I can completely relate to Eminem and understand his pain. I only have one pair of jeans/sweatshirt, my mom is a lunch lady, and I still smell of chocolate milk and barbecue sauce from when some lank-ball spilled his tray on me. However, this blog gives me hope. M.H. Greene is the future of the blogging industry will his illustrious metaphors, head turning observations, and truly laugh out loud one liners. If I were able to amount to be half the man Greene is, my life would complete. Keep trucking along man, your time will come.

  9. Mike Kelly says:

    just ask my yearbook. this blog is hotter than a set of twin babies in a mercedes benz with the windows up when the temp goes up to the mid 80′s . nice work

  10. Original Gangster says:

    That’s some great writing. Genuinely laughed. Giggleberry Fun Zone all day every day. Only way to do it.

  11. Rey Felix says:

    Miles Greene…..will you marry me?

  12. Delmon Kelly says:

    Eminem’s my boy, he’s a boss in 8 mile. Just a man on a mission not letting anything get in his way (maybe except for a 20 pill a day addiction). Sick article though ma dude, nice Detroit joke too.

  13. Corey Booker says:

    Wow…what a hilarious blog. This kid is going places

  14. AngerTheory says:

    Eminem is NOT angry. He is rolling in millions of dollars of money. Why would he be angry? Anger sells. He found his niche which is to market his music to angry, troubled, depressed people. And there are many angry people on earth. It has got to be an act. He has to experience all the pains in life so he can relate to that anger and use that in his songs because ANGER sells. You will never see him smile in pictures because that is his act. The minute he smiles in his pictures or videos, he loses that angry persona that sells so well and made him millions. Dude, if you are selling millions of records and rolling in money, why would you be angry? He works hard to make himself angry and maintain that person. To maintain his anger persona, he probably needs to experience all the angry and bad life because that is his niche. I would not be surprised if he purposely breaks the law to experience jail life. So if people buy into his anger, then it works! Eminem is a genius marketer. Millions of people bought into his angry raps.