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| May 2, 2012

Call me biased, but I sense an interesting solidarity among School of Education undergrads. I don’t mean to say that the rest of BU’s colleges are on the brink of civil war, but things seem to work differently at 2 Silber Way. Perhaps it’s due to the tiny population: of the 4000ish students in the Class of 2014, less than 100 are enrolled in SED. Or maybe it’s Introduction to Education, the required course that puts almost every freshman in one class. My vote, though, is for the Transitional Mentors.

The TM program (you know how much we love our acronyms) may not seem like much. The school matches a group of freshman with an upperclassman and holds a number of events for the mentors and mentees to interact. And though a tour of Fenway Park and a Boston Harbor dinner cruise are fun, the program would likely fail if the upperclassmen and freshmen went their separate ways afterwards.

Veteran mentors, rookie mentees: the perfect championship balance

But the relationships built through the TM events don’t disintegrate once the school is removed. Because of Larry, my TM, my first few months of college are quite a bit different than I expected them to be. Without the program, I would not be a five-sport intramural athlete with a flag football championship to my name. Nor would my floor friends have any reason to ask me why I know everyone in the dining hall at dinner.

Several BU schools can brag that they provide a small school feel within a giant university. But the School of Education offers a different sort of community. Encouraging everyone to get together to socialize, outside the confines of the lecture hall, does more than help ease the transition to college. It helps make it home.

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Jeff is currently a senior in SED and CAS, studying the fine arts of Science Education and Physics. Despite his outstanding good looks and charm, he's really a normal guy deep down. He enjoys cool science, a good cup of coffee, Batman, fedoras, British television, and BU hockey. He's accepted that he'll never think the knot on his tie is good enough. OK, so maybe "normal" is an exaggeration...

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  1. Rachel Ann Jensen says:

    True story. TM is definitely the best organization to be a part of, as a freshman and as an upperclassman. My mentor was really amazing and I can’t wait to be a mentor next year!