Falling for a country that is not my own Part 1

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I am thinking about the word “we.” A pronoun used to indicate inclusive plurality, a group that includes me. There is a oneness in the way it groups us all. I like the word “we,” but I refrain from using it almost all the time.

Sometimes, this choice is stylistic. After all, what kind of strong writing does not take ownership? I have to be an individual.

Now I am thinking about individualism and its link to this country. This concept that does not fully acknowledge how generations of privilege have acted as support systems for human beings – no one is fully alone and everybody has received help from someone or something else yet some people find it harder to accept that. These oh so strong individuals do not fully acknowledge the important “we.”

That “we” is present when people talk about a country, values, presidents. And a lot more.

I talk about those things too, but then all of a sudden I remember that my say in this country cannot include a “we” – I am not part of “We the People.” But oh how I wish I was. When it comes to the United States, I do not want to be grammatically accurate — only able to say my piece if I am part of the literal “we”. I just want to be invested in her future and hopeful that she will invest in me too.

But being a “we” is hard. In real life, inclusive plurality is more difficult to achieve. I am trying so hard to acknowledge that and become one with all the others before me who had to acknowledge that too — international students, immigrants, or anyone trying so hard to make this country their home. Will I find my “we” with them?

Stay tuned.

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