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I mean, come on. Look at the way Sherlock looks at John.

I mean, come on. Look at the way Sherlock looks at John.

Warning: there are a lot of spoilers in this post. 

We’ve waited two very long years since series two of BBC’s Sherlock aired, and now we’ve finally gotten series three in a time span of less than two weeks. Writers Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss have given us a lot to process. I loved parts of it, and I really wasn’t pleased with other parts, so to begin our next however many years of waiting, I will give you my opinions and analyses of series three.

Keep in mind throughout this post that I am in full support of “Johnlock,” which is a combination of John’s and Sherlock’s names, a noun for the romantic pairing of the two characters. I think it has been clear since the very first episode that they have feelings for each other, whether or not they are suppressing them. I believe that Sherlock is very aware of his feelings and is pushing them down because he thinks John will never reciprocate those feelings. I also believe that John has the same feelings but isn’t aware of them just yet, though he knows that Sherlock is definitely special.

tumblr_mywjbwj3DF1szbg1co1_500Now, though, John is married to Mary Morstan, played by Martin Freeman’s wife, Amanda Abbington. Or, so she says she’s named. We find out in the last episode that she isn’t Mary Morstan at all but someone entirely different. I loved Mary’s character in the first two episodes, and I still love her. I find it ironic because in the first episode, A Study in Pink, Sherlock says he “considers [himself] married to [his] work,” and now John is literally married to their work. Although I hope that John and Sherlock end up together in the end, I was content with John’s marriage because of Mary’s playful relationship with Sherlock.

But now we might have room for Johnlock to happen. I definitely think it’s possible. In the first episode of series three, The Empty Hearse, in Anderson’s crazy theories, we see “Sherlolly,” or Sherlock and Molly, and we see “Sheriarty,” or Sherlock and Moriarty. Some people on the internet have suggested that Moffat and Gatiss are telling us, “We recognize your romantic pairing ideas, and we’re showing you what’s not true, so you can expect a true pairing by process of elimination.” It makes sense. I think it would be great because Sherlock  would become one of the first and only shows to have a gay couple as its main characters but not be about being gay. It would be a detective show filled with suspense that just happens to have two men in love. This wouldn’t be the first time someone interpreted Sherlock and John as a gay couple. Kissing Sherlock Holmes by T.D. McKinney and Terry Wylis is basically a really long Johnlock fanfiction that got published. Though, I’ll always feel bad for Molly, the most bad-ass of all the characters in this show, and all she wants is Sherlock, so she had to find a replacement that looked like him to fix her broken heart. (She reminds me a lot of myself. I can’t have Benedict Cumberbatch or Sherlock Holmes, so I found a boyfriend who generally dresses and talks like him and is also the exact same height.)

If you don't think this was the hottest moment in television...

If you don’t think this was the hottest moment in television…

I have a few problems with series three. I normally trust Moffat and Gatiss, so I’m hoping they’ll fix some of these in the fourth series, but we’ll see. First of all, the boy who played young Sherlock, Moffat’s son in fact, really didn’t fit the part. I do not believe Sherlock would have looked anything like that at that age, being pudgy and generally childish. I think Sherlock as a child would have looked like a young adult even then. Second, basically everything that Sherlock did in the last episode, His Last Vow, was far out of character. I don’t believe he would have shot Magnussen, pretended to like Jeanine (don’t even get me started on how jealous I am of that actress), or gone back to drugs. And lastly, we never really found out how Sherlock survived the fall. I think that we waited long enough to deserve that. Maybe it’ll be for the best once I see series four, but until then, I’m unhappy. The first two episodes of series three were great, but the last one wasn’t up to par.
Now we wait for the next three episodes. The game is on.

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