Five Indian Web Series/YouTubers to Watch

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On top of my never-ending list TV and movies, I now have a new way to waste my time. Recently, Indian youtubers have been rising on the internet, and that also around the world. Therefore, here are 5 Indian youtubers/web series to start watching:


1) Permanent Roommates

Once the second most viewed web series on YouTube, The Viral Fever’s Permanent Roommates follows Mikesh Chaudhary (Sumeet Vyas) and Tanya Nagpal (Nidhi Singh), a couple who after three years of long distance face the prospect of marriage when Mikesh comes back to Mumbai from the US. A rather lighthearted web series, the story is bound to make you laugh as Mikesh and Tanya have to deal with living with one another, their family and friends, and the ultimate question of whether to take the next step in their relationship.

Permanent Roommates Season 2 Promo


2) Pitchers

Probably my favorite web series as of now, The Viral Fever’s Pitchers is about four friends – Naveen (Naveen Kasturia), Jeetu (Jitendra Kumar), Saurabh (Abhay Mahajan), and Yogi (Arunabh Kumar) – who are tired of and underappreciated at their corporate jobs, and decide to quit those jobs in order to pursue their dream of starting a startup. The show follows them as they go through the struggles of getting funding, breaking the news about their jobs to their parents and spouses, and ultimately believing that their product is actually one in a million.

Pitchers Season 1 Promo


3) Tripling

When Chandhan (Sumeet Vyas) goes back to India after getting divorced to his wife, his younger brother Chitvan (Amol Parashar) takes him to meet their sister Chanchal (Maanvi Gagroo), leading to them three going on a road trip in which they bond over the turmoil in their lives, fight, get stranded in the middle of dessert, and so much more as they embark on this adventure together.

Tripling Season 1 Promo


4) AIB

All India Bakchod (otherwise known as AIB) is probably the most famous (or depending on who you ask, nefarious) Youtube channel in India. Profane and brutally honest, this YouTube channel has made videos that aren’t afraid to critique anything and everything about Indian society, including marriage, Diwali, Bollywood, flights, and so much more, and after they received over a dozen FIRs[1] and complaints from a variety of religious organizations and conservative parties for their “offensive and vulgar” show AIB Knockout in 2014, they have gained even more publicity and recognition than ever.

My Favorite AIB Episodes- Honest Weddings Part 1

Honest Weddings Part 2


5) EIC

Though not nearly as blunt as AIB is, East India Comedy (EIC) also creates videos that critique various aspects of Indian society- their most notable video being Sex Education In India. However, unlike AIB which hardly posts videos anymore, EIC consistently uploads new content and expands the type of content they deliver.



[1] FIR stands for First Information Report, which is a document the police prepares when they receive information about a cognizable offense.

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