We forget that milk

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We forget that milk is tied to pain–
holds its echo in its sweetness,
implies endurance with its richness.
Recall milk as a sacrifice,
shockingly white, the new
seepage from wounds,
soaking through gauze,
pale veins,
blanched heart,
new communion.
Recall milky tears,
spilling over,
and a woman who,
sits in the back pew,
eyes wet,
breasts leaking,


featured image: photo credit: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service – Midwest Region Common Milkweed Seeds via photopin(license)


Category: featured, Poetry, Prose and Comedy, Reflections

Huey Wu

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Huey Wu is a Senior studying Comparative Literature. When not writing in a journal, writing for class, or working as a writing tutor, they enjoy volleyball, puzzles, and gentle company.

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