Forging the Future: Demand Respect

| December 9, 2010

In the past few days, many of us have heard about a new site that completely disrespects the Boston University community in a way that I for one am ashamed of. Our friends at BU Quad scooped the headline in the blogging community, both local and national news have reported on the matter. Today, Dean Elmore finally provided a statement on the topic.

There are a lot of issues floating around surrounding the site, ranging from its legality, to its purpose, to the moral character of the founder, to some of the more nefarious responses to it. To me, the most important thing coming out of this is the discussion about what type of society we’re trying to establish. Just because something is legal doesn’t necessarily mean it should be done, but it is the decision of the society to condemn such actions.

How do we do that? Right now there is a petition online against the site. The next step to killing this thing is for us, as individuals, to stop going to the site in question. The only reason the founder is planning on expanding the site to other universities is because he can monetize it. If people stop going to these sites, they won’t generate any revenue and there won’t be confidence that each new site will be successful.

Doody’s site is an attack on the self esteem of everyone. In an age where bullying-caused suicides are prevalent and eating disorders are rampant, this is just as bad as any racist, homophobic, or hateful site and would be treated as such. Objectification of human beings without their permission and knowledge is a crime against personal privacy and the mutual human value we all inherently hold. This is not just an issue of womens rights, it is an issue of human rights. If Doody does in fact add men to the site, though it may make the site more “even,” it doesn’t make it any more morally right.

Please take the time to sign the above petition and send it to your friends. Have conversations about the implications of this site, and honestly ask yourself if this twisted bullying and demeaning behavior is something you want to be involved in.

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