Fourteen Blocks from Kenmore: A Sonnet

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On a crisp fall day, I decided to let inspiration take me where it may. I decided to walk fourteen blocks, starting in Kenmore Square and going west through BU’s campus, and write a line of a sonnet for every block—inspired by what I saw or felt on each block. Here is the result:

A map of my journey, divided into what I considered to be each ‘block’.

In Kenmore Square the lights of Fenway shine.
Students and excited baseball-ers stir.
There’s SED the school that I call mine.
In CAS your class may just occur.

Interesting people in this courtyard.
Where the roads cross, the lives are crossing too.
Mass Pike. Going where? To say is so hard.
CFA, home of the talented few.

Birthdays at sunset, weekends for hockey.
At Cane’s (Blue State too), sit, indulge, enjoy.
Unfamiliar place, much for me to see.
Super Eighty-Eight. Yum. Try it with soy.

This block is bare and plain. I’ve got no clue.
In a whole new world: Harvard Avenue.


If you liked this check out my post about the process of writing it.

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