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year oneI’m excited. I’m going to have my own author page on BU Culture Shock! With a bio and everything! How will I express who I am properly? Should I use the third person or the first person? I know. I’ll read the older writers’ bios and see what they did…

Oh my goodness these people are so cool I’m not this cool how do I pretend I’m cool wow I hope they like me okay here we go okay who am I?

Who am I? Easy. I’m Ceci. From El Paso. I like basketball! And writing! And I’m an English and Math double major.

YEAR TWOAll right. Sophomore. Comparative Literature major. Is it obnoxious to put the languages I’m specializing in? No, right? Nobody even knows what my major is, so I like to include them. Should I put my math minor? People don’t really care what your minor is. But my math minor is really important to me. Fine, “math minor” included. Wow that’s a lot of words already.

But I also should say I’m from El Paso. And I want to say I’m Hispanic, because last year I discovered that changes how people react to my writing. But I really don’t like feeling like that’s necessary. Is there a way to imply it? Should I? Probably. Ugh. Why do I have to defend my want to elevate and write for people of color? Okay okay okay. I think this works. Don’t forget basketball and poetry.

Wait, I should definitely include a sentence about how I like writing and cats. Perfect.

year 3Well, I’m a junior now, so I can start by changing that word.

Hehehe I get to include “managing editor” in my bio now. I should probably provide a pronunciation guide to my name. Ceci does not equal see-see or sassy. How do I make this funny? Am I even funny? Okay. Major and minor, junior. Editor. I guess it’s kind of obvious I like writing by now. Let’s keep El Paso in there. I’m really running out of words here. I like rain.

Basketball. Poetry. I should include my Twitter handle. Doubt I’ll get any followers from it, but who knows.

year 4I feel like the only part of my bio that people would mention to me last year was the “—or Ceci, but never Sassy—” part. I should probably keep that, or something like that. Let’s see… I should include: Senior. Editor. Major. Minor. Should I mention I’m an RA? Mention the Spanglish thing again? I don’t even know if that’s actually implying that I’m Hispanic. Do I still need to? I do speak in Spanglish though, in any case. I like poetry and basketball and running. I should probably mention the whole I’m-a-feminist thing, even though that’s pretty much standard for females at BU. Is it? That’s something I should explore and write about. It’ll be a little different from my usual write-about-Mexico-and-poetry-and-math beat… okay, anyway. Should include my Twitter. Don’t think I got any followers from it last year.

This is so bizarre—this yearly exercise in self-definition. I guess we all change in college, but not everybody tries to sum themselves up in less than fifty words every year. Though there are some things that have carried through this bio all four years. That’s nice to know. And I like the new additions.

I guess I’m okay with this last bio. Whoa. Last Culture Shock bio.

I’m probably going to end up writing a post about this.

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Cecilia Weddell

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Cecilia (or Ceci—not Cece, not Sassy) graduated from BU with Comparative Literature major and a Math minor in May 2015. She wrote for Culture Shock from 2011-2015 and was an Editor-in-Chief from 2013-2015. To keep up with her writing and other doings, follow her on Twitter @CCWeddell.

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    I’m not even sure I changed my author bio while I was writing for CS…

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