From Both Sides of the Rivalry

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In December of 2016, I did something considered pretty strange by most. I transferred from Boston College to its arch-rival, Boston University. Of the many, many colleges in this city, BU and BC almost certainly have the most heated rivalry, although in my experience BU is much more passionate about it. My personal theory is that BC is too busy hating Harvard. That was how I felt when I went there, at least.

It was strange making the switch. I only moved a few miles down Commonwealth Ave, but it feels like a different world. BC had beautiful buildings and lots of green space where you could sit and study. At BU…well, there’s a lot of concrete. But at BC I felt closed-off, claustrophobic. There was nowhere to go that wasn’t campus unless you took a 45 minute T ride. Here, I feel like I’m still a part of the world. I live in the middle of businesses and apartments, and I constantly pass people on the sidewalk who aren’t students at my school.

One of the strangest things was moving to a school that constantly curses the name of my old college. My first ever BU hockey game was against BC, about three days after I moved in. When the team from my old school skated out, everyone in the student section with me turned their backs and booed. I did too, and it felt weird. Mere months beforehand, I had been on the bleachers cheering on the football team from that same school. I had, and still have, tons of clothing plastered with that school’s logo in my closet at home.

It helps that I never fully threw myself into being a BC sports fan– I actually don’t think I ever went to a hockey game at BC– but I still feel a little guilty sometimes. Actually, guilty may be the wrong word. I feel a little traitorous. I’ll insult BC pretty readily, but in the back of my mind, I still always remember that I know every building on that campus. I know that Lower Campus and Lower are two different things and that the Rat has really good mac and cheese on Thursdays and that there is a secret room in the business school whose lock code I still remember.  But in spite of these feelings, I don’t regret my decision. It may not have been BC’s fault, but I was not in the right place there. This is my home now, even if the people do sort of hate my old home.

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