The Garden State: Not Such a Bad Place

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I think that the East Coast in general is a beautiful place, far superior to the West Coast of America. It’s like Europe in that all the states are so close to each other, you just hop on a train and you’re somewhere totally different in a matter of hours. And with our range of accents, we might as well have gone into a different country, depending on how far you go. I work at a coffee shop, so I have to say the word “water” a lot. Watch the first couple of seconds of this video, and you’ll get how much that stands out. It’s just what people say in South Jersey, and as soon as I say it, everyone around me has got to comment on it. People always make this face when I say I’m from New Jersey. They sort of roll their eyes and then look at me like they feel sorry for me. And by the way, nobody says “Joisey.” It’s just “Jer-zee.”

I can’t tell you how many times people have asked me, “Is New Jersey really like Jersey Shore?” What kind of answer are you looking for? Yes, literally every other person you meet is named Snooki and lives in some house by a beach or something. (I’ve never watched the show, so I don’t know what they do exactly.) First of all, Snooki is from Chile, and she was raised in New York. She barely has any connection to Jersey. And second of all, like half the show wasn’t even filmed in Jersey (according to my research). So don’t ask me about Jersey Shore. There are people like that in Jersey and in many other places in America. The actual Jersey Shore is pretty awesome. We have Cape May, Ocean City, Wildwood, Long Beach Island, and a bunch of other awesome beaches.

I would say, though, the number one best thing about New Jersey is Wawa. “Wawa” is the Native American word for goose, and it is the Jersey word for heaven. It’s similar to a convenience store, but they’re immaculate. Imagine something like BU’s own George Sherman Union. They have the absolute best sandwiches, or as we say here, hoagies, and they have everything else you could ever need.

When you think of famous people from Jersey, you probably think of Bruce Springsteen. My mother is, of course, obsessed with him, so I have a natural dislike for him. But there are a lot of actually cool people from here. Jon Bon Jovi, Jason Alexander, Buzz Aldrin, the current head of the CIA, Laura Prepon, and Queen Latifah were all born and raised in New Jersey, plus quite a few other Culture Shock staff members. Okay, yes, Chris Christie is from Jersey too, and he’s now kind of in charge of it. But when I say I’m from New Jersey, it’d be nice if people didn’t look at me like they blame me for his terror. I don’t know how he got elected. Nobody likes him. I never meant for this to happen.

I guess my point is, be nice to New Jersey and all its beautiful people. We’re the most densely populated state, which means a whole lot of people live here, so it can’t be that bad. Nearly nine million of us are proud to be from the Garden State! Liberty and prosperity!

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