Genuine Friendship or Cruel Attention?

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Both subjects are waiting for the T at rush hour. His eyes float to her and react. She, checking her watch, does not notice by her periphery that he has smoothly walked over.

“Hey. I’m sorry but I have to say that you’re really pretty. What’s your name?”

She, hearing the T, curtly voiced her response.

“I’m gonna have this rap show. You should come. Can I have your number?”

As they stepped into the T, she felt the closeness of the situation. Can’t be rude. She gave him her number and sat at the other end of the T.

He stopped calling after a few days. She did not give it a second thought.


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This time, the male’s approach is more gradual yet with a humorous overtone, speaking in retrospect. He notices her in Spanish class. Lucky for him she also lives in South, and sometimes they walk in the same direction at the same time. A few times they made small talk.

He knew he had to make a move, but what? It will come to me, he thought. That day, as class ended, she went into the bathroom just as he was going to approach her. Slightly caught off-guard, he fixed his eyes on the water-fountain and walked toward it. He made each movement with deliberation.

The bathroom door swung. Not her. Again. He stopped drinking as she walked out.

She smiled mildly. They exchanged the same small talk.

As they approached their point of divergence, he rattled around for something to say.

“Do you play football? I mean, do you know how to throw? And if you want to sometime?”

She paused. “I’m not much of a football player.”

“Oh, no? Well, there’s a test coming up. Lets study together.”

“Yeah. See ya.”

The next day, he knew by her expression that she was disinterested.


Last case: Being a doorman at a music venue has its perks. He is ready to leverage his position to better his chances with the girls. Outside the Snoop Dogg concert, he spots a girl in the crowd, waiting for Snoop to leave his tour bus and enter the venue.

“Hey, you like Snoop?”

Great question, she thought. Why else would I be in this packed space for a sight of the O.G? Of course, she avoided rudeness and continued the conversation.

“By the way, I can get you tickets if you ever need. Even if the show is sold out. Just take my number.”

How nice of him!

1 week later she texts him for tickets to a sold-out show. He gets her and her friends in.

Of course, after the show, he texts her: “So when are you and me just gonna hang out? Let me know what you’re up to tonight.”

Not sure whether cruel attention or beginning of a friendship, she ignored the texts and calls.




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