Do you hear what I hear?

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Trump, do you hear us? We are protesting, I’m sure you’ve heard. But do you really know what we fight for? Do you know why we are fighting? I don’t think you understand. See, it’s not you, necessarily. We have dealt with White men like you since the beginning of time.

First, you came to the United States of America and slaughtered millions of Native Americans. You enslaved them. But when you didn’t have enough of them, you came for us. You went to Africa and dragged us out of our homes, killed our men, raped our women. When slavery was abolished, the racism and hatred did not disappear with it, no. Jim Crow was quick to pounce. He stripped us of our rights, of our liberty. He stripped us of justice and subdued our voices. During World War II you put anyone of Japanese ancestry you could find into internment camps, subjecting Americans and immigrants to persecution and your fear of being viewed as weak.

But we have persevered, and you are still weak. While you can change laws and militarize the police, we will protest and we will shout and we will make it known across the world that you are trying to bring us back into the violence and hostility that catapulted us to this very moment.

Trump, do you see us? We’re not asking you to be colorblind. This world we live in is so colorful and bright, yet you want to make it dim. You ignore those boundaries which separate us. By color, by class, by education, by opportunity, those red lines that were drawn still exist. Don’t tell me America was great. Don’t tell me that I can have the same as anyone else if I work hard. We have been working hard, and now we are working harder just to get you to see that we exist.


So, we will keep protesting. We will keep shouting. We will show the world that you don’t see us. What you see is the fear of being implicated as weak. But you are. You have proven it time and time again.

Mr. Trump, you don’t fight for us. But we don’t need you to. What we need is an America that sees us and an America that hears us. The people are stronger than your xenophobia, your sexism, your racism, your misogyny, your bigotry, your hatred, your fear. We the people of these United States of America are stronger than you, and we will keep protesting until you can hear us and see what you’ve done, because that is all we need.

Featured Image: photo credit: Lorie Shaull We Will Not Be Silenced, Protesters marching along Pennsylvania Ave to the Capitol, DC via photopin (license)

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