Did You Hear?

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“Our Good Father

We bow before You

Our cracked voices rise in unison

singing praises to Your name

for all the goodness You’ve bestowed on us

for everything happens for a reason.


Many we do not understand

But we know we cannot

must not

question Your will.

But in times like these

our hearts burdened with grief

We desperately need Your comforting touch.

A place of refuge




the sound of bullets drown out the cries of our hearts

Do You hear our prayers now?”


“With open arms we welcomed him

our sisters in Christ offering their seats

asking of family members



genuine kindness flowing from their hearts

Following Your example

as You welcomed the tax collectors

the widows

the lowest of the low

for Your children were just following their unfailing Shepherd.

Must we be demonized for practicing Your ways?

He didn’t cause a scene

a nervous soul he must have been

waiting to be calmed by Your still small voice

Prayers commenced

heartfelt thanks for protection from the beginning of the week

heartfelt thanks for the protection for the rest of the week to come

Did You hear their prayers then?

The teaching of  Your Word proceeded

words that You laid on our dear minister’s heart

a commission

being carried out

The members’ loving eyes stared at the newcomer from their periphery

his stone cold ones stared straight ahead

they must have ask You to touch his heart

break every chain

for they could not see the heart of man like You can

Did You hear their prayers then?”


“The comforting benediction of the preacher was interrupted

by the declaration of hate

Is that how You felt, Lord?

When the Pharisees expressed their indignation towards You in the synagogues?

When he pulled out his gun and started to shoot

Is that how You felt, Lord?

When the same people who claimed to love You

turned around and crowned You with thorns

sliced your back

mocked You as You stumbled to your ultimate death

‘Jesus Christ’ & ‘Oh My God’

Psalm 91


Oh! So many prayers

All words that filled the air of the sanctuary

only fueling the hatred in his heart

Did You hear their prayers then?”


“He stood tall

nervousness now gone

replaced with rage

in Your holy place

the only sight he saw were outsiders needed to be slaughtered

the hatred that blinded his eyes

not seeing the warm welcome in theirs

but piercing the soul of the women and children till their beating hearts ceased

What did he see, Lord?

Did he see the melanin in their skin as a threat?

Did he witness the kindness of our sisters

and interpret that as weakness?

Did he know, God?

How these women praised Your name in the sanctuary

declaring this for the rest of their days

Grandma Susie Jackson giving thanks for the grandchildren that continually blessed her life

their ecstatic faces pressed against her worn skin


A sign of Your guiding hand

Lord, did he think about their families?

Their children?

Your children?

Our beloved Sharonda

Hard worker

Track coach




the legacy she left pointed to Your glory

all ended too soon

their cries to the heavens slowly halted

as he mercilessly disregarded their pleas

Did You hear their prayers then?”


“And Father our hearts go out to our dear own Felicia Sanders

the trauma she witnessed is more than anyone could ever bear

staring in the face of the devil death is something that cannot be erased

Seeing the ones she loved so dear

stolen from her

She must not be forgotten

But You are the ultimate caretaker



Forgive us for the anger that abides within us

We know we must forgive

as You cried for our forgiveness on the cross

but the pain that quakes us daily

due to the injustice

due to the erasure of our sisters


They meant the world to us.

They are not another sad incident.

Not another face to become unknown.

Not another hashtag that lingers for only a day


Their presence has been deeply missed

the laughter

the singing

the crying

From the seed of man You created woman

in the hand of man these woman died

creator destroying creation

creations destroying creations

Do You hear our prayers now?”


“Must we continue to take the high road, Lord?

Continue to walk with our heads held high

when we are continuously downtrodden?



holding our breaths for we could be next

We strive to be like You, Father

but our earthly abilities do not touch the magnitude of Your power

Grant us strength


soft hearts

to continue on this dreary race

for Heaven is our home

where there are no tears

no grief

no death

only celebration of life eternal.

We thank you for all you have done

And let us say a…..”

Did you hear?

“May God have mercy on your soul.”

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