Hola 101: Intro to saying Hello

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photo credit: joshtasman Question Finger 7 via photopin (license)

photo credit: joshtasman Question Finger 7 via photopin (license)

To greet someone, usually, means to say hello. A friendly hi to recognize the other person’s presence is what it is, right? Wrong. To say hello today is an art – a dance even – that I was not invited to learn.

Here are some of the general steps I should know:
- When I see someone approach me with an extended hand, I should be thinking about a sideways high-five and not a handshake.
- However, the high-five of choice today is not open-palmed – it is a fist bump.
- If I am sitting down, a sideways sitting hug is to be expected regardless of the unfeasibility in such a move.
- A verbal “hey” (or variation of the word) will always be accompanied with some version of the above stated steps.

If I can correctly respect and follow these steps, my cool factor would be exponentially raised. After all, I would not have to meet a fist bump with a high-five ever again! Yet in those ten seconds I get before a person approaches me, my brain never remembers any of this; all it remembers is the greeting from “The Parent Trap.”

So I will smilingly panic and give an enthusiastic wave. If I am still caught in a greeting, I will always mess it up and then give an elevator pitch on my awkwardness. If someone has never met me before, they will suddenly know more about me than they asked. If someone knows me, I will get an eye-roll and a pity laugh.

Eventually, people do not expect me to engage in the “hello” dance, but I am still caught in the limbo of suddenly needing to execute my uncoordinated and unrehearsed steps. Was there a class on this I missed? Millennials – am I supposed to Google this before being unleashed into the collegiate world?

If I do, I will. I shall add it to the list of things I have to look up: is the new sneaker pink or grey? What is the plot to Star Wars? How do I greet someone when I first meet them?

All I ask in return, is one favor. Will you please do “The Parent Trap” greeting with me when you see me next?

featured photo credit: The Lily X Wave via photopin (license)

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