What the Holidays Mean to Me

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With the holiday season in full effect, families and close friends are reunited and the all-too-familiar themes of love, friendship, happiness, and Christmas spirit are at peak levels. Everyone’s all about giving, helping those in need, providing for those less fortunate, and generally being much nicer to one another.

All of this is extremely important – I mean c’mon, isn’t that what Christmas is all about? It’s all about the love, the friendship, the laughs, and the peace brought unto others through kind actions, intentions, and thoughts. And in such merry times as this we often forget that it may be the small things that spark the love, ignite the friendship, fuel the laughs, and will others to simply help others.

Here are some of those small things that make the holidays awesome:

Christmas Tunes

Whether it be Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You,” a classic song where it’s next to impossible to hit the high note – or Justin Beiber’s (there I said it) “Mistletoe,” that song everyone wants to hear over the radio while standing underneath the mistletoe with the person they’ve had a crush on for the past year – music makes everything better, especially around Christmastime.

Good Food

photo credit: omefrans via photopin cc

photo credit: omefrans via photopin cc

Food brings everyone together, even if it’s just around the table for about half an hour.  Preparing it, cooking it, eating it, donating it – food’s important. Everyone needs it. And during the holidays there’s nothing more satisfying than a nice hearty plate of warm food to eat or serve to someone in need.


If you’re ever in a bad mood and need someone nice’s opinion just go to your pet … or get one if you don’t have one. Dogs, cats, hamsters, fish, rabbits, rats, birds, and pigs will always listen to you no matter what. They’re always there to help, even if it doesn’t seem like they are listening. And this sense of confiding friendship is heightened when Christmas trees are erected and colorful flashing lights are strung up everywhere.


photo credit: Duke Yearlook via photopin cc

photo credit: Duke Yearlook via photopin cc

Not much different then dogs, cats, hamsters, and pigs; your brothers, sisters, cousins, and everyone else in the family really make the holiday what it is. They are the ones that you’re laughing with (or at) and spending time with during the holiday … the entire holiday. Just kidding, it’s not that bad! Who doesn’t love a family snowball fight?

Cool Socks and Sweaters 

photo credit: kennysarmy via photopin cc

photo credit: kennysarmy via photopin cc

The frequency at which people wear crazy socks and sweaters around the holidays increases exponentially immediately after the first snowflake touches the ground, even if it’s still Thanksgiving or even Halloween. Personally, this is one of my favorite parts of Christmas. There’s nothing better than light-up reindeer socks or a high-end, hand-knitted by grandma snowman sweater with sparkles on the sleeves. It’s even better when you wear both at the same time.


photo credit: Kenn Wilson via photopin cc

photo credit: Kenn Wilson via photopin cc

If you’re trying to further enhance those all-too-familiar themes of love, friendship, happiness, and Christmas spirit mentioned before, you’ve gotta drink some eggnog. Nothing is more Christmas and merry than a nice glass or cup or bowl (for your pets) of eggnog. It really is the drink of Christmas. The people who control what comes out of the kitchen faucet should fill the pipe system with eggnog. Just eggnog. That would be the best Christmas ever.


Featured Image photo credit: Stuck in Customs via photopin cc

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