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Over the past few weeks, I have recently sunken into the very deep abyss of fangirling over Kehlani. Despite being quite upset that my friends did not introduce me to her earlier (I tend to stay in the Beyoncé lane but I mean that’s granted), I was curious to find out more about who she was. Artists are more than just music-makers to me. They are human beings too and they have a story. Some I can relate to, some I can’t. But just knowing their background brings about a humanity that often gets lost by the glitz and glamor.

To avoid going into stan mode, I’m not going to give you a run-down of Kehlani’s entire life. YouTube is gonna be your best bud for that. But after watching so many videos, interviews, Instagram lives, and Snapchats there is a refreshing common thread (hehe) that runs through all of them.

She is hella humble.

Humbleness has been something the universe has been bringing up to me a lot lately and I find it fascinating how it plays out in my everyday life. Kehlani seems to be living the life and may seem to have it all. She’s beautiful, extremely talented, and has the ability to flaunt her life. But she doesn’t. She hangs out with her friends on the daily, walks to the grocery store to buy vegan food, and chills out with her dog Franklin. People are so surprised that she’s so ‘normal’ but she’s really just doing all the things she had been doing before the fame came. She constantly talks about how she is grateful for all that she has because she knows that one day all of it could be gone. Going from nothing to having a lot can be quite the mindfuck and many people let it get to their heads.

But what makes Kehlani so different? I don’t think she’s better than anyone else. She’s been through a lot but she’s no pity case. In fact, she avoids talking about her harder times because she’s so focused on how far she’s come and how blessed she is to be in the position that she’s in

I think humbleness is a constant thing one has to work at. Nothing in this life is guaranteed. Everything that you can count on today may be gone tomorrow. Something you may not have today may appear in the future. There’s uncertainty in life, but being okay with that and knowing that it is beyond human power puts things into perspective. Whether you think it’s God, or the universe, or just fate, some things are just out of our hands and are determined by something else. I’m not here to say that everything is by chance, but things play out in mysterious ways. If we could orchestrate our own lives, I don’t think we would understand the need for humbleness.

We are all working towards something in life. It might be making music to touch people’s lives. It might be to work for organizations that provide basic needs for people. It might be to create the perfect sandwich. No matter what it is, there’s a goal in our minds that we want to achieve. The driving force that keeps us going is our love and devotion to the goal. And when we are on the path to achieve that goal, it has to be the best feeling in the world. Just being able to do what you love makes all of the inevitable obstacles and setbacks worth it. But in the moments of acknowledging that difficulties will arise and that nothing is certain, humbleness makes itself apparent.

However, we do have the choice to adhere to it or not.

Not being humble is the way of most and the downfall of many. Life and material things are temporary. Flaunting them and attaching your worth to them is a sure way of losing who you are very quickly. Relationships come and go. People grow closer or apart. Being aware that anything can change at any time will lead to appreciation of the moments spent with people so dear.

Humbleness is an interesting thing, friends. It’s so easy to become haughty because of the number of external factors we have attained, but it’s up to you to determine what is really important to you and if you are appreciative of the things that are constant and the things that are bound to change.

So yeah. Shoutout to the wavybaby for making me think about life and stuff and what not on a Friday night.

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