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About to graduate college and in need of entry-level work? Looking for more bullet points for your resume, a justification to extend your visa, or more sweet, sweet moolah? We here at Boston University have got you covered! Just shoot over a resume and cover letter to the appropriate contact for one of our many job postings, and be sure to highlight that you’re a terrier! (Also please watch for your spelling and grammar; last year we had a student who’d interned at IST Management Services apply to the police force identifying himself as a terrierist).


The Boston Atlas: Journalism Intern

Field: Journalism (COM Majors Encouraged)                              Boston, MA

The Boston Atlas is seeking aspiring journalists looking to break into the business for the first time. Five years of prior experience in the field a must. The ideal candidate must have good riting and speaking skills and an excellent knack for eavesdropping and gossip. Perks include healthcare benefits, dental, and opportunities for water cooler talk with our editors.

Oh, and also lunch! Sometimes you get to fetch the editors lunch.


Salem College: Political Research Assistant

Field: Political Science (CAS Majors Encouraged)                         Salem, MA

ISO highly motivated college graduate with a BA/BS in Political Science to run analytics of our mayoral campaigns. The ideal candidate will have excellent restraint from making jokes about the witch trials and will demonstrate an ability to keep walking even when the streets are flooded with cosplayers in October. Office believed to be haunted by former CEO, who literally died laughing after a prank.


Salem College: Exorcist

Field: Science, Ideally (Discouraged)                                                 Salem, MA

Ghost of former CEO believed to have possessed current CEO, because he’s been pitching the old boss’s stupid “Shazam for Locations” idea again. GPSs exist, Paul. The ideal candidate isn’t afraid o’ no ghost, even if there’s something strange in their neighborhood and it’s something weird and it don’t look good.


AAA Sunshine School (Triple-A Sunshine): Economics Teacher

Field: Economics/Education (CAS/SED Majors Encouraged)           Middletown, CT

Recently ranked the top middle school in the United States by alphabet on Forbes, AAA is seeking an impassioned and energetic candidate to teach Introductory Economics. Class sizes range from 25 to 40 students, and prior experience in a Teacher’s Aide position is a must.


AAA Sunshine School (Triple-A Sunshine): Chemistry Teacher’s Aide

Field: Chemistry/Education (CAS/SED Majors Encouraged)              Middletown, CT

Recently ranked the top middle school in the United States by alphabet on Forbes, AAA is seeking an organized and detail-oriented candidate to teach Introductory Chemistry. Class sizes range from 25 to 40 students, and prior experience in a Teacher position is a must.


Craftsource Materials Ltd.: Social Media Intern

Field: Advertising/PR (COM Majors Encouraged)                               New York, NY

Candidates should have three years of prior experience in using social media in a marketing capacity, and must display excellent written and oral communication skills. Please limit resume and cover letter to 140 characters and send to Manhattan office. Perks: Parking validation, and our office is a Pokestop.


Way Productions: Assistant to Nigel Way

Field: Film/TV (COM Majors Encouraged)                                                 Los Angeles, CA

Prestigious director Nigel Way (Transmorphers, Good Boys, the one where they send a team of refrigerator repairmen to intercept a meteor) is looking for a highly motivated self-starter to manage his day-to-day life. Duties include answering and rejecting answered calls, scheduling travel plans for multiple flights in case he misses the first two, oversight of interns like his idiot nephew Dave, and writing out job postings for your position when you get fired.


Knightride: Systems Analyst

Field: Computer Science/Engineering (CAS/ENG Encouraged)         Silicon Valley, CA

Up-and-coming competitor to Lyft and Uber in search of organized and self-sufficient worker comfortable with investigating analytics and contributing to business plans. Only accepting applicants from San Francisco in push for diversity in the workplace! Convenient hour-long commute to and from San Francisco via train; perks include office being a convenient 42-minute walk from train station but travel expenses are on your own. No parking. Knightride is a good alternative to walking. Uber and Lyft banned in office.

Featured photo credit: COD Newsroom Career Fair at College of DuPage 2014 35 via photopin (license)

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