Be Kind to Spiders

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My mom taught me to be kind to spiders.

She taught me not to squeal and squish them when I found them, acrobats suspended by invisible wires in my room, but to scoop them up gently in cupped hands (or maybe with a cup and some paper if they were reeaally hairy) and release them to freedom outside in the yard (or even to let them live their quiet little lives in the corners of our house undisturbed).

Because my mom taught me to be kind to spiders, I learned the value of every life. Every creature has a role to play; everything fits together into the complex and beautiful ecosystem on Earth.

My mom taught me to be kind to the planet.

She taught me to bring a bag when we went to the beach or on a walk, to pick up litter we found and take it home to be recycled or thrown away. To play outside, to appreciate the beauty of the natural world, to have fun getting my hands dirty.

Because my mom taught me to be kind to the planet, I learned to find peace in nature. To love to be among trees and mountains, rivers and oceans, and to know the importance of protecting those things so I can continue to love them.

My mom taught me to be kind to other people.

She taught me to spend time talking with elderly people, and showed me how much they appreciated it, how happy just a little of someone’s time made them.

Because my mom taught me to be kind to people, I learned to be generous with my time. To volunteer, to offer to help, to make people feel heard.

My mom taught me to be kind to myself.

She taught me to meditate. She taught me to love and respect my body and to listen to it: to sleep enough and eat well and exercise often. She taught me to stand firm in my convictions and to stand up for myself. To know that I can do anything.

Because my mom taught me to be kind to myself, I learned the importance of making time to take care of myself, and how my ability to be kind to others starts with being kind to myself first.

I am who I am because of what my mom taught me.



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