Why Knitting Is The Best

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If you’re looking for a new hobby, I’ve got one for you: knitting. Knitting is the best thing ever. This is why.

1. Knitting is so good for your brain.

Knitting produces eustress, which is a good kind of stress that your body produces when it’s happily solving a puzzle. It can help you deal with anxiety and depression. It’s super calming and relaxing. It’s rhythmic and repetitive, which makes your brain produce more serotonin and dopamine. Plus, it will distract you from bad habits like biting your nails.



2. Knitting is the ultimate multi-tasking hobby.

I knit while I watch tv. I knit while I read (which is sometimes difficult unless I’m doing a very simple pattern). I knit while I’m on a train or waiting for my next class to start. I knit while I’m fighting crime and the forces of evil.

3. Knitting gives you great results.

Knitting teaches patience and delayed gratification. Basically, you put in a lot of hard (but fun) work, and at the end, you get an awesome scarf/hat/sweater/whatever it is that you’ve decided to make. And the best part is, when people compliment you on your scarf/hat/sweater/whatever, you can impress them by telling them that you made it yourself! How cool is that! And if your first piece doesn’t look so good, that’s okay! I promise you this: every piece you make will get better and better. Practice makes perfect!

That's me. I'm knitting in class. And taking a selfie. Of my knitting.

That’s me. I’m knitting in class. And taking a selfie. Of my knitting.

4. Knitting is like magic.

I stare at the yarn while I’m knitting, and I am totally blown away by how it works. How does it work? I have no idea! It’s like f***ing magic! You just make this weird combination of twists and turns with this piece of yarn and all of a sudden it’s a thing that you can wear! Wow!!!!!1!! Also you can be like Hermione and knit hats for House Elves.

If you want to get into knitting (which you should), but you don’t know where to start, you can go to my favorite art store, Blick Art Supplies, which is right down Brookline Avenue on Park Drive. It’s basically a ten minute walk from Kenmore Square. They have a nice selection of yarn and needles, and their staff is very knowledgable and helpful.

Seriously, knitting is amazing, and you should be a knitter too. This video will teach you the basics. Now go forth into the world and create!

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  1. Josie says:

    I would recommend getting some good yarn at Gather Here, Stitch House or Minds Eye! All are T accessible.

  2. mzklever says:

    I so agree! I used to crochet a LOT, but never thought I could learn to knit. After going to an expo where there were tons of beautifully knitted shawls, I finally decided that dammit, I was going to learn. That was in October. I’m now a knitting fiend with a growing collection of needles, stitch markers, and other accessory goodies. I already had the yarn, but now I feel like it’s worth investing in really good yarn, like merino superwash and silk/soy/bamboo blends. It’s the most relaxing, rewarding hobby I’ve ever had and I LOVE it! And believe me, if *I* can learn how, ANYONE can learn!

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