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question markDid you know that
If you were to unravel
The blood vessels inside the average human body
(60,000 miles, they say)
You could circle the world 2.5 times?

Have you heard that
Every 15 years our cells completely regenerate?

Has anyone ever told you that
The phrase ‘giving flak’ comes from
World War II
Flak being the
Gunpowder from a fighter jet, that is
‘Giving’ meaning the shooting

If you smile, even
If you don’t want to,
You feel better,

And I’ve heard that
Standing like a superhuman
Helps you feel strength


A girl holds up a flower at a march in the Boston Commons after November 9th.
Original Photo

Now I am surrounded by
Alternative facts
Polarized information

He said she said right wrong left right

What is fact?
Does science exist?

(Apparently not)

Maybe the Earth is flat?
Somebody once believed that it was.

Does this poem make sense?
(Probably not)
Then again, what does?

All I know is that
Believing does not

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Sasha Parodi

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Sasha is a Russian-American punthusiast and chocolate addict. She is pursuing a dual degree in Psychology and Journalism and hopes to go on to work in community development and social impact. In addition to writing, Sasha occupies her time with buying too many books than she realistically has time for, dancing, exploring Boston and planning her next travel experience.

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