“Laundry List” is a Strange Phrase

| May 25, 2011

I have so much to say and none of the concentration with which to say it, but I want to reassure  my lovely readers that I haven’t forgotten them. So here, a list of Things of Interest!

1) If you or someone you know is interested in donating some money to a good cause, I’m trying to raise funds for my little brother’s robotics club. I popped into their meeting last week and these kids are incredible… they’re enthusiastic and brainy and so motivated, but didn’t have enough money to attend the county competition. Help me change that/point me in the direction of helpful grant-providing organizations?

2) I found out from the aforementioned little brother that the sex ed curriculum in his school adheres, chronologically, to the following guidelines:

None of this.

- Drugs are bad.
– If you have sex you will get an STD.
-AIDS is particularly nasty and there is no cure.
-Don’t have sex; you will get pregnant and die.
-Take showers.

As my brilliant sibling pointed out, “They told us to say no before they even told us how sex works.” We’ve discussed this before, but I still want to do something to make it better. Ideas?

3) One of the most refreshing parts of college is the gloriously uncensored music- as Eric has pointed out to me, no one wants to be a billionaire so FREAKING bad, and Pink songs just sound silly without her well-placed swearwords. Generally speaking, I oppose censorship; that being said, I have a bone to pick with a particular artist (no pun intended). Keep an eye out for a post on that soon.

Maybe I would have stuck around for the khaki vest if I'd earned a WTF badge. It's a shame they don't exist.

4) One of the things that upset me about college was how little time I had to read for fun, something I intend to make up for this summer. I started with The Heroines, which took a great idea and used terrible pacing and awkward diction to achieve a literary WTF badge. Read it so we can discuss how things can go so horribly wrong between chapters seven and eight. (I’m restoring my faith with Brad Gooch’s Flannery, which practically makes me proud to hail from the Peach State).

5) Right now my summer playlist is dominated by the Glee cover of “Rolling in the Deep,” which I cannot stop listening to, and the entire album “The Way I Fell In” by The Morning Of, which I need to put on my iPod so I can listen to it more. I’m working on getting more money in my iTunes account so I can download the newest album from my favorite band in the entire world, and I eagerly anticipate finally getting the rest of Iyeoka’s “Say Yes.” I want to know what’s on your summer playlist so far!

Astute readers will notice that this is one of the shortest posts I’ve ever written. This may disrupt the delicately woven fabric of the universe, so the only way to avoid the (second) end of the world is to leave a comment. I asked you lots of open-ended questions, so you have no excuse.

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Rhiannon Pabich

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Rhiannon was once asked to write a "bland, professional bio" and she failed miserably. She is, however, good at some things, which include yelling in hockey arenas, explaining the importance of comprehensive sex ed, and pursuing adventures. The journalism major hails from the deep south and, on a good day, enjoys scintillating conversation and copious amounts of caffeine. On a bad day, she enjoys sarcasm-laden conversation and obscene amounts of caffeine (but really, isn't every day a good one?). She likes playing with paint, crying happy tears, red balloons, and you.

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  1. Chayton Pabich says:

    Hi I’m the so called “brilliant” little brother of Rhi*annon (to my sister : great now to all of yours devoted readers I’m the brilliant guy who wants to replace my sister with a goat) to Allyson thank you for the compliment I’m sure you are even smarter since you got in to BU

  2. Tarif Ahmed says:

    1) Tell your brother and his classmates to set up a kickstarter.com account and put their project up there. Then it’s a lot easier to direct people to a place to donate to, and random strangers on the internet can donate for their project as well.

    2) I’m not surprised about the sex/drug education in the south being a little off. It’s not even efficient in progressive states up north.

    3) I concur on the lack of reading time during the school year. I’m reading an interesting book called the Harvard Psychedelic Club. It involves BU to some degree. Expect a CS post on it soon =)

  3. Allyson Galle says:

    1) So obsessed with Glee’s “Rolling in the Deep” as well! Love Adele’s original, but love that cover.
    2) Your brother is brilliant. What a great quote that sums up so much of what is wrong with sex ed today.
    3) Sorry this list is so short.

  4. jmm1 says:

    I have to say, the advice to “take showers” is spot on. I’m living with five guys this summer and I think about half of them missed that memo….the list is in ascending order of importance right?