Leaps of Faith

| January 18, 2013 | 3 Comments

Not to brag, but I have the biggest tree in the neighborhood. Just sayin’.

Well, this is it: My last full night in my house.  My last night in Overland Park, Kansas and I can’t sleep at all.  My head is too full of too many thoughts moving far too fast for me to sleep.  Thus, I write.  This is (in all likelihood) my final post for Culture Shock as what could be argued as a student.  From now on you’ll have to find me in the “Alumni Adventures” section.  Damn, I feel old and yet, I still feel like a kid.

Culture Shock and the Howard Thurman Center have given me some the greatest moments and lessons in my life.  I’ve learned how to be a more effective leader, a kinder soul, and a more humble (this is up for debate) person in general.  I have learned that people are often far deeper than they seem, they just have to be pushed — some less gently than others.  I have learned that love is not something you can force, it is something you must be willing to wait for and be willing to accept when it presents itself.  I was taught to think through ideas and to never come to the table with a problem, but rather a potential solution.  Most of all, I have learned that your passions and dreams are the most powerful thing about you.  One of our esteemed editors recently posted a Howard Thurman quote on her Facebook wall that read,

Truly an inspiring man of love and community.

“The dream is the quiet persistence in the heart that enables a man (or woman) to ride out the storms of his churning experiences. It is the exciting whisper moving through the aisles of his (or her) spirit answering the monotony of limitless days of dull routine. It is the ever recurring melody in the midst of the broken harmony and harsh discords of human conflict. It is the touch of significance which highlights the ordinary experience, the common event… Keep alive the dream; for as long as a man (or woman) has a dream in his (or her) heart, he (or she) cannot lose the significance of living.”

This isn’t my favorite Thurman quote, but it’s a damn good one if I do say so myself.  It strikes a chord because as I throw myself into my next adventure I realize that no matter how hard life seems, no matter what obstacles present themselves, and no matter how much pain I may suffer, I have a purpose to keep moving forward.  As I alluded to in a previous post, all there is to it is to simply put one foot in front of the other.  Find what makes your soul resonate with the most beautiful melodies and make it your goal.  Once you’ve done that, work and work and work and work.  If you’re going to be something, then aspire to be the best — plain and simple.

More or less the same idea.

If I can give one piece of advice to potential students, current students, and people of all ages, it is this: Take leaps of faith.  Fear is natural. Fear is to be expected; but do not let your fear define you.  Fear is only as strong as we let it be.  So take a deep breath, trust yourself, and jump into the abyss.  Take that class, meet those people, go to a place half a world away.  When asked, “Why?” simply respond, “Why not?”  If you do not explore, you may never find what creates that resonance in your soul, what creates that truly beautiful music in your heart.  And let’s be real, a life without music isn’t much of a life at all.

Finally, I want to give one final loving “thank you” to my fellow HTCers, my fellow Culture Shockers, and to you — my lovely readers.   It is because of all of you that I can move out in the real world (or as real as Brooklyn is…) with my head high and the knowledge that I can and will accomplish my goals.  No ifs, ands, or buts.  I’ve already leapt.

See you soon,


-Eric Calvin Baker

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(COM 2013) is an ever so wonderful Journalism major. Eventually, Eric hopes to work for the Associated Press or as a foreign correspondent for a major new source. Eric comes from the land of wheat (not corn), tornadoes and yellow brick roads where said tornadoes are known to drop one off. An avid coffee and newspaper comic strip lover, Eric loves to explore any idea or physical terrain and welcomes all challengers. It is only through experience and discussion that we, as humans ,can truly learn and grow. I primarily speak in the first person but I do enjoy breaking the fourth wall because I know you readers love it. Right? Word.

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  1. Jeff says:

    Wow! It is hard to believe that you are the same person whose high school writing bordered on atrocious. This is so well written with so much of your soul. As they said in my generation, “Keep the Faith!” You’ll do great in whatever you pursue. Dad

  2. Pedro Falci says:

    Wishing you all the best, Eric. I know you’ll kill it in Brooklyn. Thanks for the inspiring column.

    Your Orientation Advisor,


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