Life Lessons Learned in the Classroom of Comm. Ave.

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We go to a wonderful university. In the classroom we are learning about history, chemistry, physics, business, and education, but the learning does not end where the sidewalk does. Here I present you with the top 10 valuable life lessons we can take away from the beating heart of our university that is Commonwealth Avenue.

  1. Look both ways before crossing the street. Make sure you are looking at more than one side in things, make sure you are evaluating your options. Make sure there isn’t a car coming.
  2. Do not let yourself get lazy. You will get hit by a biker. And then the T. And then a soccer mom in an SUV in a hurry. Take the extra time to do things correctly.
  3. There will be people you don’t want to deal with. From the people handing out flyers in Marsh to that annoying kid in your discussion class, life is full of them. Do your best to avoid them, but when you can’t just accept what they give you with a smile until you are out of their sight and can recycle it.
  4. Some people are simply assholes. Yes, that biker just ran a red light when it was your turn to cross. Yes, that car just came within inches of hitting you. Not everyone you meet will be as nice as you would like him or her to be.
  5. Pay attention to everyone, not just those with the most power. When crossing Comm. Ave., one of the most common mistakes is to look for the T and the cars, and forget to check for bikes. In both street crossing and life, make sure you are giving everyone the credit/chance they deserve. Bikers can and will hit you just as a car might.
  6. You will get distracted, but it may be worth it. When walking to class along the bustling sidewalks, you will probably run into someone you know. Embracing a friend and making plans to catch up is sometimes more important than what is on your to-do list.
  7. Do not blindly follow others. Just because someone else decides to step off the curb into traffic doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea.
  8. Don’t leave your friends behind. If you cross the street without them they might be left on the other side of the street or lost in the crowd of the sidewalk. Stick together.
  9. The bricks in the sidewalk are uneven, also slippery when wet. Life isn’t as smooth as you might wish. You might stumble occasionally but it’s no excuse not to wear your favorite high heels. Don’t let anything hold you back.
  10. Do not hesitate too long. Make a decision. If you spend too long trying to decide whether or not you should cross during a gap in traffic, that gap will soon be gone. The window of opportunity is fleeting.

Navigating Comm. Ave. isn’t easy, and neither is life. It’s not supposed to be.

Even if they challenge you daily, Commonwealth Avenue and life are both still beautiful. Enjoy them.

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