To My Little Sisters

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I have three younger sisters and they are my absolute world. They ground me and they teach me and they challenge me constantly. I feel like every time I talk with one of them, I don’t know what to say, and then a few hours later I have some great advice. So to my little sisters, I say this:

Be kind, but don’t let anyone step on you. You are intelligent and you have a light about you. Together, those two things make you powerful. You will go far, but the road won’t always be easy. In fact, it’s going to be so hard that you might feel like you’ve lost that light, but you are powerful and you can do it. You may not be able to anything that you can imagine, but you can certainly do anything you work hard for.

Be classy, but don’t lose yourself. Don’t ever do something you don’t want to do and always be true to yourselves. Show compassion towards others, and remember that it is okay to be selfish sometimes. You have to take care of yourself in order to help others. Being classy doesn’t mean conforming, it means knowing yourself and valuing and honoring that knowledge.

Find love, but love yourself first. Find love in art, in music, in friendship, in relationships and wherever you find it, make sure it is true. Love should not feel trapped or hard; it should feel supportive, and all embracing, prodding you on to achieve your dreams. Love yourself and know your worth, because I most certainly do. And if you ever feel like you don’t know how or why you should, I will be there to remind you.

Be actively informed and keep an open mind. In today’s USA, more and more, people (including myself) are too busy to stay informed about the issues of today and too stressed to take any action. Stay hopeful and stay inquisitive. Keep asking questions and never let your opinions remain stagnant. No one likes moral superiority and today it has become quite commonplace. Listen to people, don’t just hear them. Take the time do research and ask questions of people, places, and things you might not necessarily be interested. And always keep learning.

Be confident, but don’t be prideful. I will always be here for you, and remember that I want to help. A lot of people do. It’s okay to make mistakes, we all make a LOT of them, but to be helped, you have to admit them or you won’t move forward. Apologizing is strength. Be confident in who you are, and remember that your voice is just as important as any man’s. Raise your hand in classes and apply for a position where you might not be completely qualified. Be confident in your personality, in your abilities, and in your potential because your character, your person, deserves that.

To my little sisters, I say that I will always have your back the way you have always had mine. Thank you for teaching me, forcing me, to be more compassionate, kind, thoughtful, and loving. Thank you for challenging me to question my actions and reach higher. Now it’s my turn to do the same for you.

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