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For the past four years or so, I have developed an increasing love for Taylor Swift. On my worst days, I find her music to be therapeutic. She has a song for legitimately any mood you can imagine (a lot of heartbreak and anger but also happiness and celebration). To top it all off, she is an incredibly talented performer. Having been to two of her concerts, I find myself mesmerized at the show she puts on, which includes a good combination of dancing, theatrics, and cool effects. Though I love both her and her music, I find my perceptions of Taylor Swift as a person changing with every new social media altercation or public stunt.

Photo Credit: Taylor Swift

Photo Credit: Taylor Swift

Truly, I’m not sure what to make of Taylor Swift. This could very well be in part because of the different ways that people react to her. Is she actually the self-centered, greedy monster that people claim she is? This is debatable. As I watched the Grammy’s a couple of weeks ago, I found myself cringing at her reactions when she lost to someone else in a category. She seemed to display an extremely overexaggerated and overexcited reaction to losing to Ed Sheeran, for instance. Then the next day, she made a huge post on instagram about his Grammy win, which seemed to be sincerely congratulatory, as she explained the true bond that they created after going on tour together in 2013. I suppose her excitement quite possibly was genuine.

Recently, as I anxiously awaited the result of Kesha’s plea to be released from Sony Records after her allegations of being raped by her producer Dr. Luke, I looked to Taylor Swift with her 72 million followers on Twitter to provide some comment, influence, or support for Kesha or even for individuals in general who have been through such tragedy. Instead, during this struggle when several other artists have shown their support during such a difficult time, Taylor Swift’s only tweet was “I’m very happy to say the next single from 1989 will be ‘New Romantics’.” As if 1989 hasn’t received enough popularity and attention, as it just won Album of the Year at the Grammy’s, Taylor Swift decides she needs to release yet another single off of the album instead of tweeting even something short in support of Kesha, or rape victims. While she did generously dish out $250,000 to Kesha, I personally would find it more meaningful if she would use her influence to the millions of fans she has to teach a lesson or to try to change the world. Would it not be more beneficial on a global scale for her to make a post urging others to be strong and brave through their rough patches?

This is in no way meant to be a post bashing Taylor Swift. As a fan of hers, I definitely hold a soft spot for her and constantly try to give her the benefit of the doubt. I just can’t help but wonder how genuine of a person she truly is and if her vast amounts of fame have made her a little bit worse off as a person. I also find myself to be consistently  disappointed. With the amount of issues we face in this country, it’s a shame that Taylor with her enormous fan base, very rarely if ever takes a stance to make a positive influence.

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  1. Vicki Saeed Vicki Saeed says:

    While I don’t particularly share your love of Taylor Swift (despite how much I liked 1989), I do appreciate that you’re willing to call her out on some of her shadier behavior. The current state of pop culture allows us to expect more of our “idols” (term used very loosely), but some people are willing to turn a blind eye to those outspoken celebrities (like our songstress in question). Great first post!

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