What Makes an American Woman

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It’s simple.

You mix


and water

until it becomes

gummy dough

that sticks to your fingers

as you rip it into pieces

and roll them into balls.


Pat some flour onto it

Like powder onto a face—


Press along the edges

roll with a pin

until flat



Then place it onto a pan

and then

the stovetop itself.

Watch it inflate.


That’s how you make roti.


It’s hard.

To make ten



Every morning noon and night.


While making the food that

is scooped up using

the bread.


While coaxing the children

who pout and refuse to eat

the bread.


While cleaning the bathrooms

that constantly flush after meals with

the bread.


All alone,

in a tiny kitchen,

on the other side of the world,

from home.


That is, to me, an American woman.



featured photo credit: avlxyz Roti AUD1.50 each – Anshumann Da Dhaba, Clayton via photopin (license)

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