Mayor Menino: A Fierce Leader

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The week of the Marathon Monday bombings was chaotic to say the least. Several explosions shook our city and our hearts, and led to a massive manhunt that had the whole world on the edge of its seat. The people who lost their lives will certainly never be forgotten; however, nothing can bring them back. The pain associated with this event cannot be undone, and it will take time to heal the many souls and bodies that were damaged. But we must not lose hope, for we will undoubtedly find peace in the future with the support of those around us.

thomas-menino-400x400Take Thomas Menino, for example, who sacrificed much to be there for the people of Boston during the aftermath of the bombings. Let us look at this event from the perspective of our mayor of nearly 20 years, for whom this must have been an especially stressful time. During all the commotion, he was physically restricted by a broken leg, and thus could not make it to the marathon. When he heard the news, however, he insisted upon leaving the hospital, and managed to attend the first press briefing in a wheelchair. He stayed out of the hospital for several days thereafter, continuing to attend press conferences, and even setting up a fund for the victims, which collected roughly $10 million. On Friday the 19th he remained alongside the police and other officials  in Watertown as they tried to find the suspect, breathing a sigh of relief with them as they brought the city out of lockdown.

Although we are all struggling to come to terms with what has happened, I think it is worthwhile to recognize just how strong our leader has been for us. Mayor Menino’s relentless courage and determination during this difficult time is something every Bostonian should be proud of.


It is my hope that Mayor Menino can serve as a positive example for everyone, encouraging them to reach out to those affected by the bombings. I think he has succeeded at this. People from around the world are sending their love and hope to Boston. Marathon runners in London and New York, people from Kabul (and I’m sure many other places aside from what I’ve seen online) have thought to reach out to us in this stressful time. Everyone I have spoken to about the event has expressed a willingness and even interest in helping others to deal with this tragedy.

Thank you, Mayor Menino, for working alongside the people and inspiring us to help one another. We are grateful for the sacrifices you have made and I’m sure will continue to make for us.

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