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In my quest to become a happier, more positive person, I’ve decided to start with memes.

That means no more joking about being trash. No more retweeting funny pictures about having no friends. No more reblogging posts asking “whom else in this thread wants 2 die 2night.” I’ve put myself on a strict regimen. No saying it and no sharing it.

It might sound silly to worry about something as stupid as some little jokes on the internet on something as big and ubiquitous as a Quest to Become A Better Person. And it might also sound like I’ve got a stick up my ass. They’re just memes. And, yeah, most of them are funny. Who hasn’t partaken in a hearty chuckle upon seeing the “guess I’ll die” guy shrugging up at you in his little red sweater?

Don’t get me wrong, dark jokes can be a good way of dealing with hard times. If you can twist something bad and make it funny, that can make getting through it a little easier. But I noticed that, personally, I reached a point where the jokes stopped being jokes and just started being things I just… thought. Habitually. Even when I wasn’t having a bad day.

Spill a drink on my jeans? This is why I have no friends.

Fail a test? Well clearly there’s nothing left to live for lol.

Say something embarrassing? Guess I’ll die.

I’m not going to go as far as to say that a few dumb memes wrecked my self esteem or something. But they managed to integrate certain vocabulary into my self-talk that tripped me up on good days and made me feel worse on bad days. They stopped being things I just laughed about every once in a while and became part of my thought process.

If you keep surrounding yourself with shit, you’re going to start smelling like it. So I’ve decided to do some spring cleaning. I might still laugh at those jokes every once in a while, but I’m not repeating them and I’m not spreading them to others. It’s officially good vibes only from now on. If it’s not about loving my friends or being a better person, it’s not for me. No more inviting negative energy into my life under the guise of harmless jokes. And no more laughing at jokes where I’m the punchline.

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