Miley Cyrus: Why Can’t She Stop?

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What does Miley Cyrus want? She went from Disney’s much loved and idolized Hannah Montana to what could be Angelica’s Cynthia doll, almost over night. But the overarching question here remains…why?

Reporters, bloggers, and fans alike are speculating that Miley is either suffering from an identity crisis or a developing mental illness, but if we take a look back into her much-publicized personal life everything seems like typical problems of a young couple’s relationship.

When Hannah Montana ended in 2011, she started appearing on countless celebrity gossip sites for her racy Vanity Fair cover, her Teen Choice Awards pole dance, and her leaked bong photos from her 18th birthday party.

Miley Cyrus' teen show "Hannah Montana" put Miley in the spotlight at the young age of 11.

Miley Cyrus’ teen show “Hannah Montana” put Miley in the spotlight at the young age of 11.

It was at this point that she met her future ex-fiancé, Liam Hemsworth, on the set of “The Last Song”. It was also at this time when she released her hit album “Can’t Be Tamed” and slowly a new Miley started to form. From here on out, Miley’s image has continued to change, paving the way for the emergence of the Miley we know today.

Let’s recap what has happened with Miley in the last few months. Her change in image, her hit songs “We Can’t Stop” and “Wrecking Ball”, and her highly controversial performance at the 2013 Video Music Awards.

The video for “Wrecking Ball” really says something about Miley’s character. The song was written around the time of her break up with Liam, and is a profoundly heartfelt song that almost makes you feel bad for her. It’s a breath of fresh air compared to her disconnected and vague message behind grinding Robin Thicke. This time she is actually saying something that matters.

What if…she’s been saying stuff that matters this whole time? Let’s recap again. It’s 2009. Miley is transitioning; in fact she even tells celebrity interviewers that she’s transitioning. And then she met Liam.

Here’s my opinion. During Miley’s transitional time she wasn’t quite sure who she was, let’s admit it, who does in their 20’s? She met her first “serious boyfriend” during a time when she didn’t know herself, so how could Liam have known who she was when they started seeing one another? They later had a brief breakup in 2010, which was possibly because one of the two found a dysfunctional aspect of the relationship.

Soon they got back together and even got engaged to one another. Sounds familiar. How many people do you know who’ve broken up and gotten back together on a typical basis? I think their relationship was important to both of them. They were together for two years before the first breakup, so maybe getting back together was an act of desperation for one another. Maybe the idea of not being together was worse than the idea of being together.

So why is Miley running around, sticking her tongue out and booty grinding other people? It could be for multiple reasons, but all of them still point towards Liam. There must have been problems in the relationship to fuel the calling off of an engagement besides Miley’s controversial image. So it could be possible that while there was a growing disconnect in their relationship, Miley was screaming for Liam’s attention and acceptance anyway she could, even if it meant pouring out her personal feelings in a trippy music video.

Of course it wasn’t enough, or at least it wasn’t what Liam needed. It likely scared him and the VMA’s performance proved that Miley was more than he could handle. What’s so important about Wrecking Ball is that, in the video, Miley is literally begging for Liam’s acceptance but sticking a big middle finger at him while appearing nude and licking sledge hammers. Liam, for now, is dealing with it the only way he knows how, by finding a cute new celebrity to hang his arm around and focusing all of his time and energy into her while avoiding thinking about Miley.

So the resolution? Well, Miley and Liam met at an inconvenient time in Miley’s roller-coaster life. Every good relationship includes knowing who your significant other really is, and while Miley shot straight past the constraints of Liam’s comfort zone, it was nonetheless a growing experience for the both of them, unfortunate to end in heartbreak and confusion.

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