mountain laurel mornings

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springtime was
mountain laurel mornings
all sunshine and sweetness
shy shades of green unfurling uncertainly
in filtered sunlight

springtime meant
putting screens back into storm doors
which stayed swung open long long past sunset
cool air slinking into the house and kissing my skin
at once and pungent and clean with the smell of rain

springtime was
fat tadpoles in vernal pools and
yellow-spotted salamandars stirring under logs
and barefoot weather again!
small feet squishing into miraculous mud

springtime meant
newly cut grass in the yard
waking bats and balls and gloves from
their hibernation
deep in our garage

springtime is
vintage pink magnolia blossoms hanging heavy on silvery branches
windows cracked at night
lying awake, audience of one
to the chorus of peepers performing their joyful song


featured photo credit: pellaea Mountain Laurel via photopin (license)


Category: Nature, Poetry, Prose and Comedy, Reflections

Ellen Asermely

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Ellen Asermely is a senior (!) in the Pardee School studying International Relations. Born and raised in Rhode Island, the smallest but weirdest state, she enjoys coffee milk, the Big Blue Bug, and Awful Awfuls. In her free time, Ellen can be found by the ocean, eating anything with cheese on it, reading Harry Potter, or hugging strangers' dogs.

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