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As I’m sure everyone has noticed, it’s November, that time of the year when the leaves change colors, and upper-lip hair grows wildly out of control. In recent years this time of year has been renamed “Movember,” a time in which men grow their mustaches to rally support for men’s health issues including prostate and testicular cancer. Despite the noble cause, not all lip rugs were created equal. Some of us men (and women) must simply sit back and enjoy the splendiferousness of other’s facial fur.

That being said, I would like to take the time to highlight some admirable soup strainers:

Friedrich Nietzsche

The überstache

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photo cred: Wikimedia Commons

Salvador Dalí

While Dalí’s nose neighbor may not have been the most robust, it was equally as abstract as his paintings.

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photo cred: Wikimedia Commons


Gene Shalit

I can’t tell where his whiskers end and his suit jacket starts.

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photo cred: Wikimedia Commons


and finally…

Hulk Hogan

aka the Lorax


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photo cred: Wikimedia Commons

These mustachioed men are simply the tip of the iceberg. Comment below to share your favorite upper lipholstery. And for those who are burdened throughout the night because of their lack of stache… there is a solution for you.

Learn more about Movember and how you can contribute!


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