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photo credit: Thomas Hawk A Policy of Truth via photopin (license)

photo credit: Thomas Hawk A Policy of Truth via photopin (license)

The rumblings of our broken society
Unnoticed by the rose-tinted glasses
Of oppressive optimism
A constant rollercoaster
Numbing the rumbling

An unknown epicenter
Growing in pain, exhaustion
Crying in pain, exhaustion
Pain and exhaustion
Numbing the rumbling

Magnitude indefinite
Aggressions indelible
Policies invidious
Consequences intractable
Numbing the rumbling

Morphine gone
My glasses shattered
Rollercoaster standstill
Numb no more
I feel the rumble

The fault now clear
Unity cracking at the roar
Of division and walls for those
With “backs against the wall”
I feel the rumble

I hear the echoes
Of voices muffled
I smell the smoke
I kindle the fire
I sense the fear

I feel the rumble

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