Parallel Universes

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Have you ever wondered what your life would have been like if you had chosen a different path? Who would you know? What would your personality have been like? Would you even recognize yourself?

Over Columbus Day Weekend, my roommate and I went to Washington, DC to visit some of my friends from high school at George Washington University. It was a great weekend filled with tourist destinations and museums, especially since my roommate had never been, and I finally got to geek out over journalism at the Newseum while I forced my friends to follow me around.

I got into GW when I applied for college, but I eventually ended up choosing BU for a number of reasons, despite being sad that my friends were going to GW and leaving me behind in Boston. The one thought echoing in my mind as I walked around the campus was “what if this had been me?”

I could have been living in the same hall as them, finding my favorite restaurants around the city, and getting politically involved on the National Mall. I felt a piece of myself split off, an alternate universe where I made a different choice and I became a different person. I could see myself living there and studying in their media school. I could have made different friends, joined a fraternity, maybe even changed my political views from living in a different culture and environment.

And DC is a lot more different than I thought. I’ve been insulated in Massachusetts my whole life, and Boston especially in the last two years. DC has a lot more Republicans (and gay Republicans) and a lot less public marijuana use. There’s a lot more Greek life at GW (and sororities are allowed to have their own houses). The bars are open later and there’s no Puritan rules stopping you from buying alcohol late at night. The whole college experience is different, even if the academics might feel the same.

I struggle with defining myself and my identity, but this weekend in a parallel universe solidified for me the idea that I made a choice and my identity is irrevocably altered because of it. There’s a timeline of myself out there in the multiverse that I’ll never know about. In a way, I’ve learned more about myself by discovering what I’m not, and what I’ll never be.

But on the plus side, I got to give the middle finger to the White House, so it was a pretty good weekend.


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