Please Excuse the Hair

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Please Excuse the Hair.

It’s under construction.

Today’s cocktail Is a formulaic fizz-free serum.

A mix of organic,



Vegan loving goodness tucked into a little black box

And a shit-storm of artificial whosawhatsit

Because my Hair needs all the help it can get.

Because when I mean frizz-free,

Is that I mean my Hair is still frizzing,


Give me your dull

Your lifeless

Your greasy

Because a shower every day

Is a price I’ll pay

Than having to deal With the monstrosity Of my lion’s mane.

Gnarly and knotty

High on humidity

A living breathing

Sentient being

Sweating up my neck.

It feeds on my self-consciousness

Sucks up the water and ‘moisturize-me’ products

That I tremblingly hand to it

- A peace offering of sorts -

And spits on my well-wishes.

Heaving and moaning

Guttural cries


And I cannot comply with its infinite want.

My body grows small

And the Hair grows larger,

Picking up strays in the wind

It develops

As the tumbleweeds of the desert do.

And I no longer exist.


featured photo credit: anisacphotography Hair Portraiture via photopin (license)

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Soubhana Asif

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Soubhana Asif is a junior at Boston University majoring in Biology and double minoring in Arabic and Medical Anthropology. "Have I said too much? There's nothing more I can think of to say to you. But all you have to do is look at me to know that every word is true."

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